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"Bust Your Brain Out" - German femdom and extreme ballbusting clip with german femdom mistress. !!

Killerkicks German femdom goddess Mistress Janina is showing the art of erotic pain in this ballbusting clip - she's wearing a ultrahot yellow outfit and kicks his balls without any mercy and real killerkicks - watch her wonderful legs in cruel ballbusting clip - she's busting and kicking his brain out....Mistress Janina kicks him into submission! She looks sooo cute - can't believe that she's so absolute merciless - incredible ball busting clip with an ultrahot german femdom mistress ! Killerkicks Babes

"Bust your brain out"
12 minutes runningtime
2 parts - 62 & 69MB Avi-files 
Ballbusting Clip - German Femdom - CBT - Mistress

Killerkicks Extreme Ball Busting clips and German Femdom more than 1000 movies on Clips4sale... !!

Killerkicks Ball Busting Babes have 1000 ballbusting clips & german femdom videos online !! Visit our store on Clips4sale.com - lots of hot babes kicking men's balls !! Also lots of trampling, CBT and footdomination clips inside our studio !! You only have to click the picture - have fun !!


"High-heel busting" - German Femdom & Ballbusting clips with Janina !

Watch Mistress Janina in  "High heel busting" that's hottest p.o.v. ballbusting clips & ball trampling action - she wears a supersexy black outfit tonight and she knows how to torture balls with high-heels...what a ball kicking goddess !!  Ball trampling & kicking - that's what realy hurts !! Watch her destroying his nuts in P.O.V., hardcore ballbusting clips !! She kicks the hell out of his balls and she looks great in every second !! 

"High-heel busting"
Mistress Janina
2 parts - 62 & 57 MB
12 minutes runningtime
ballkicking clips - trampling -foot domination - ballbusting clips


Free Extreme Ballbusting Clips by Killerkicks - free ball busting clip to download on depositfiles !!

And here is the free fetish clip to download for one of the most brutal ballbusting clips we ever posted,only for you on depositfile ! http://depositfiles.com/files/v4u9bnc6j
 Have fun and please - Don't try this at home...!! ;-) Killerkicks
This Clip Contains: Foot Domination - Barfoot Mistress - Hard Ballbusting - German Femdom

Screenshot for "Kick him flat"

"Ballkickingbabe" breathtaking ballbusting clip with Mistess Betty, german femdom !!

Superdomme Mistress Betty - watch her in her first ballbusting session - she gives a very bad lesson in german femdom ballbusting to her slave. First she teases him, she shows her tattoos and her pierced pussy - but then she begins to kick the hell out of his poor balls - what a breathtaking babe - watch some extreme hard ball kicks - complete filmed in P.O.V. - have fun! Here is the first half of the "Ballkickingbabe" !! 

Mistress Betty & some nuts...
18 minutes runningtime
2 parts - AVI or WMV format
Female domination - Trampling - Ballbusting Clips -German Femdom - Mistress


"The cute ballbreaker" German Femdom Goddess Janina shows her kicking skills.

And here is the "cute ballbreaker" session with femdom Goddess Janina !! The killerkicks mistress gives a lesson in ball torture to a stupid guy who wants to check out her ball busting skills... First she takes a seat on him and slaps his nuts until he's begging for mercy ! After this little warm-up she kicks him in the balls - painful femdom by a pretty german ballbuster - watch her in action !! Goddess Janina gives him the rest and kicks the hell out of his swollen nuts ! Many brutal kicks until he starts crying...Janina is a damn hot ball busting goddess - watch her destroying this poor guy !!This clip is simply AMAZING !!! Killerkicks ball busting

"The cute ballbreaker" 
Femdom Mistress Janina & slave
12 minutes runningtime
2 parts - Avi-format
killerkicks - ball busting, CBT, femdom

Free fetish trampling clip with Lady Divina jumping on her slave...!!

Check out this brutal german killerkicks femdom goddess lady divina in cruel and hardcore trampling lesson!! Lady divina is pretty dressed and jumps on her poor slave !! What a cruel mistress....

Watch the whole clip on Divina's clip-page: www.clips4sale.com/27102

Ballbusting & femdom clips by KILLERKICKS !!


"Can you take it?" vol.1 - extreme trampling video with german goddess !!

What an outstanding german femdom mistress!! Watch Lady Divina in a cruel trampling session - she wears high-heels and let him feel her full weight - watch er trampling all parts of his poor body - incl. his face !!! Here is the first part of a real bad lesson in killerkicks german femdom !! ---AVI-version---         

"Can you take it ?"
Mistress Divina & slave
7 minutes runningtime
89 MB Avi-File
femdom - high-heels - lady divina - foot domination - bdsm - fetish


"Sweet Pain" - hardcore ballkicking mistress real german femdom !

All parts of " Sweet Pain " in one clip - that's 20 minutes of german femdom  breathtaking ballbusting with Mistress Janina - first she kicks his nuts with boots - than she knees him and finaly she kicks the hell out of his nuts with her bare feet! Painful stuff...the last 8 minutes are filmed in P.O.V. style !!

"Sweet pain " Fullversion
Mistress Janina & slave
20 minutes runningtime
120 MB File download
Cbt Clips - Ballbusting Video - German Femdom -  P.O.V. Mistress

"Behind the Balls" - extreme painful ballkicking clip real german femdom !!

This is a very special ballkicking clip with Mistress Janina - the "behind the balls" - cam is made for her legs in action...knees to balls and some high-heeled ballkicks inside this clip! Killerkicks Ballbusting & Femdom
"Behind the Balls"
Mistress Janina & nameless slave
6 minutes runningtime
76 MB Avi-format
CBT  Ballbusting - Foot Fetish - German Femdom - Ballkicking


New ballbusting & german femdom clips posted !!

Hi friends & visitors !!

we just posted a few more ballbusting & german femdom clips to our "KILLERKICKS" video page. Take a visit by clicking the picture !! And nevr forget: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME !! ;-) German fetish clips, vids and videos!


The meaning of KILLERKICKS - Shocking ballbusting scenes !!!

Today we will post the first part of a best-of-serie called "meaning of KILLERKICKS" !!
We do this because many people send us mails and asks if the ballkicks a REAL...For those of you who can not believe that the kicks a real we cutted a shocking Best-of ! Watch Mistress Betty kicking a guy from behind - Mistress Alicia kicks some balls with some very painful soccer technics until her victim starts to cry - Mistress Janina uses her never ending legs as weapons and kicks some nuts with her high-heeled shoes and finaly you can watch Mistress Divina destroying some balls with her pretty feet.... 3 minutes of absolute breathtaking ballbusting - that's the first part of the "Meaning of Killerkicks" - have fun....

"The meaning of Killerkicks" Vol.1
Lady Divina, Janina, Alicia & Betty
3 minutes runningtime
23 MB - WMV-file
Ballbusting Clips - High Heels Trampling - German Femdom


Killerkicks German Femdom present Ballbusting Babe Janina and her Kicking Skills

What an unbelievable hot & cruel video clip!! Mistress Janina gives a painful lesson to her slave. She sits down on him and starts to torment his genitals! Then he must stand up and it is a time for really cruel ballbusting ! Watch this cruel hottie kicking the fuck out of his swollen nuts !! ---AVI-version---    
Killerkicks German Femdom

"Cute ballbreaker"
Mistress Janina & slave
12 minutes running time
144 MB - AVI-file
Cbt Ballbusting - Trampling - CBT - German Femdom