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" The Ballkicking princess !! " Extreme Femdom & CBT Mistress !!

Here comes a another Clip the " Ballkicking Princess ! " with Mistress Tracy, the Germen Babe! Tracy in a superhot short princess outfit with white shoes - she looks like an real babel but she kicks his balls hard and painful like a real devil! Watch this extreme sadistic ballbusting mistress in a hard and hot clip - here's a real brutal ballkicking session with an amazing german fetish babe !  Watch this german princess finishing a poor guy with lots of real painful ballbusting killerkicks !! She's a pervert sadist who loves to hear the crying of her victim and take her a smile in her face.... she gives a lesson ballbusting he will never forget !!

" Ballkicking Princess "
Tracy & slave
2 x 7 minutes runningtime
52 & 54 MB dowload files
CBT , Trampling,  German Femdom, P.O.V. ,  Ballbusting


"Ballbusting Fantasy" - Fantastic Femdom Ball Busting with Mistress Janina !

This Ballbusting Clip is that what we call a " Ballbusting Dream " - Mistress Janina in an ultrahot mega short outfit and in black boots - she looks incredible tonight ! Here is the fullversion of the " Ballbusting Dream " -  the mistress gives him a cruel Cbt Ballbusting Lesson to her dirty pig slave - extreme painful Killerkicks to his nuts are waiting for him...Mistress Janina loves her Pain and Started with a Smile to gives him the rest...she gives him hard and Paiful couples of  hard German Mistress Ballbusting with her black boots to him  - the last shocking and finaly kicks are filmed in P.O.V. - What a final - and what a Beautiful Sadistic Ballbusting Mistres from Killerkicks !!

"Ball Busting fantasy"
Janina & slave
124 MB download file
16 minutes running time
German Femdom Clips - Ball Busting - CBT - Trampling - Ballkicking - Mistress


" First Time Ballbusting " - Ballbusting Clips with Mistress Janina ! (Vol.1)

This is the story about the first Ballbusting Session with Mistress Janina -she looks great and have never make ballbusting clips and she starts to kick his balls slowly and have fun...the kicks are not so hard and painful - it's only a "testdrive"...so it's not brutal but it's very, very hot because after her kicks you can see the fun in her eyes...great first time ballkicking stuff !! Here is the first of two parts from your Mistress... 

"First time ballbusting"
Janina & some balls...
10 minutes runningtime
62 MB download file
Female Domination - Cbt Clips - Ballbusting German - Mistress Janina


Ready for takeoff ?? Facesitting Clip with German Killerkicks Mistress Divina

She's a German Rubber Goddess Mistress from Killerkicks !!! Watch the German Mistress Divina in this amazing Femdom Session - she wears a Fucking hot rubber dress and plays with her helpless slave. First she smothers him with her extralarge boobs - then she takes a seat on him and he has to smell her rubberpussy - now she starts to take his breath away.... Divina starts to smother him with her full weight !! Facesitting, humiliation, femdom & dirty talk by a goddess german mistress in rubber - she's simply amazing !! Your German Mistress Divina!!

"Ready for takeoff ?" 
Lady Divina & slave
2 parts a 6 minutes runningtime
41 & 42 MB Downloadfiles
smother - facesitting - humiliation - rubber -german mistress divina

"Kick & Destroy" Ballkicking and Shoking Femdom clip in p.o.v.

"Kick & Destroy" - the title says it all !! Watch Janina Babe in one of her hardest Killerkicks Ballkicking sessions ! In this shocking femdom P.O.V. vid she tramples and busts his balls in many different positions - he has to take some real brutal kicks...killerkicks...o.K. she's a merciless babe - but isn't she sweet ?? You can watch her ballkicking  the hell out of his swollen nuts ! Now he has to take ome real painful couples of kicks - finaly he's crying... Janina what a Babe

"Kick & destroy"
Femdom Babe Janina & some poor balls...
2 parts a 9 minutes runningtime
62 & 69 MB download files
CBT - Femdom - Ballkicking - Foot Fetish - Babe