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German Femdom Clip - " Teased & Busted " - Hardcore foot domination clip with lots of killerkicks in the nuts by german supermodel !!

Mistress Janina - 260 - " Teased & Busted " p.o.v.  - first half.. 
Incredible german femdom stuff with ballbusting goddess mistress janina !! Watch the first half of "teased & busted " ! Extreme hot & painful Ballbusting with one of the top ballbusters on clips4sale and killerkicks fetish!! She's humiliating and teasing her victim while she kicks his brain out...! 

Mistress Janina - 261 - " Teased & Busted " p.o.v.  - second half.. 
And here is the second half of the "teased & busted" session with ballbusting goddess Mistress Janina ! Now it's time for some close-up's - watch this wonderful femdom mistress busting her victim's balls in many different positions - finaly you can watch her finishing him in femdom P.O.V. !! 

Categorie: German Femdom - Foot Domination - Fetish - Cbt Ballbusting - Bdsm - P.O.V.

Hand Slapping & Foot Domination Clip : " Bedtime Ballbusting " with Goddess Janina

German Femdom - Killerkicks mov 792 - " Bedtime Ballbusting " - first half 
Here is the first half (7 minutes) of the " bedtime ballbusting " session with Ball Busting Goddess Mistress Janina! First she slaps his balls and shows her perfect body to the cam...great ball-slapping scenes ! Then she wants to bust him harder - that means endless ballkicking for the boy-toy...She gives him couples of ballkicks with her naked feet !! Mistress Janina in absolute painful ball busting action - what a merciless ball busting goddess !! 

German Femdom - Killerkicks mov 793 " Bedtime Ballbusting " - secondhalf 
In this second half she kicks the hell out of his nuts! Mistress Janina loves to show her perfect body to the cam and bust his balls the same time...7 minutes of extreme painful P.O.V. ball busting with this sweet german hottie ! Mistress Janina is made for sexy ball busting... !! 

"Bedtime Ballbusting" - both parts
Mistress Janina & helpless slave
14 minutes runningtime
2 parts - 58 & 79 MB download
German Femdom - Ballbusting - Foot Humiliation -Foot Domination
Killerkicks German Femdom Home


"Fight your balls" - new extreme ballbusting clip from the KILLERKICKS femdom project posted !! !

Nc 2003 " Fight  your Balls " !! Vol.3 
Ballbusting Devil gives him the rest with hard killerkicks!!! Full force ballkicking at it's best !! Watch this clip and you know why this is the last part of the game....She kicks his swollen nuts with full power - she has no mercy for his poor nuts - watch her finishing him with her pretty bare feet !!

Nc 2002 " Fight your Balls " !! Vol.2 
What a ball destruction match !! Here is the second of 3 parts of german femdom filmed in P.O.V. !! Watch the ballbusting devil whos bringing the pain to his nuts in some very intensive close-up cuts

Nc 2001 " Fight your Balls " !! Vol.1 
Here is the first of 3 parts - "Fight your balls" - that is REAL hard ballbusting with one of the most sadistic ballkicker we ever seen on video !! Watch this beauty kicking the hell out of a masked guy !! She gives him some couples of brutal kicks between the legs - after this attack he hast to fight for air !! And that is only the beginning.... 

" Fight your balls " all 3 parts
The ballbusting devil & slave
11 minutes runningtime
3 parts - 42, 45 & 54 MB Files
Ballkicking - Female Domination - Killerkicks CBT

Killerkicks Mistress & Goddess Janina in : " Painful Games ""Painful games"

Mistress Janina Mov81 - "  Painful Games " - vol.1
  Femdom Mistress Janina starts a painful game with her extreme ballbusting slave - the mistress loves ballbusting so much !! Watch her teasing him with her extreme sexy body - and then watch her kicking the hell out of his useless nuts - Janina is a goddess and a real expert in this painful kind of female domination. Check out her femdom skills - here is vol.1 of the "painful games" !!!! 

" Painful Games " vol.1

4 minutes runningtime
36 MB download file

Extreme - Mistress - Ballbusting - High Heels - Sexy Legs
Killerkicks German Femdom Homepage

German Femdom Clip :" That hurts " - extreme painful lesson in kicking men's balls by karate cheerleader - EXTREME femdom stuff !!

Ballbusting Devil - Nc 0789 - " That hurts ! " -  first half 
" That hurts " - here is the first half of an extreme brutal ballkicking & femdom session with a merciless cheerleader and her poor victim !! Watch her kicking him in the balls very bad - she uses many different ballkicking technics to destroy his nuts... 

Ballbusting Devil - Nc 0790 - " That hurts ! second half 
And here is the second half of this extreme brutal balldestruction & femdom clip called "that hurts" !! Watch her giving him the rest with some outstanding kicking moves - looks very, very painful... Extreme ballkicking with a kung-fu fighting cheerleader... 

" That hurts" first & second half
10 minutes runningtime
2 files - 23 & 26 MB download
Female Fighting - Ballbusting - German Femdom - Ballkicking - Extreme
Killerkicks German Femdom


" Nutbreaking !! " - Blonde german femdom mstress kicking some balls !!

Fetish Doll de Luxe is a german femdom mistress whos love to kick & torture your balls as shown of the image- her ballkicking feets are dressed in black boots and short dressed, fetish doll shows you and her slut her ballbusting skills ...she gives couples of knees and kicks to his balls, merciless killerkicks - watch this german fetishdoll the clip is filmed in brutal P.O.V. domination and ballbusting action !! For more fetish,babes and infos around killerkicks ballbusting clips & babes visit our homepage with free previews for you!

" Nutbreaking "
the "Fetish doll" & some nuts...
6 minutes runningtime
32 MB download file
German Femdom - CBT  Ballkicking - Foot Domination

"That hurts" - extreme ballbusting until the balls are swollen !!

" Can you take it ?" Fullversion 
The ballbusting Devil
11 minutes runningtime
90 MB download file
Barfoot Ballbusting - Cbt Ball Busting - Bdsm Femdom

What an extreme ballbusting video!! Here is the full version of "Can you take it" - a really shocking Femdom clip. Watch this hot devil - she causes really bad damage - at the end his testicles are blue... ---XXXXX--- Was für ein extremes ballbusting Video !! Hier ist Vollversion von "Can you take it" - ein wirklich schockierender Femdom Clip. Seht diesem heissen Teufel zu - sie richtet wirklich üblen Schaden an - am Ende sind seine Hoden blau... ---XXXXX---- Что для крайний ballbusting видео!! Здесь полная версия "Can you take it" - действительно шокирующий Femdom клипс. Смотрите на этого горячего черта - она причиняет действительно дурной убыток - в конце его яички синие... ---XXXXX--- Quel extrême ballbusting le vidéo!! Ici est une pleine version de "Can you take it" - Femdom vraiment choquant le clip. Regardez ce diable chaud - elle cause de dommage vraiment mauvais - à la fin, ses Hoden sont bleus... ---XXXXX--- ¡Que para extremo ballbusting el vídeo!! Aquí es la versión llena de "Can you take it" - Femdom realmente chocante el clip. Miráis este diablo caliente - ella causa el daño realmente mal - al fin sus testículos son azules...


Killerkicks German Femdom Babe Janina

Hi friends & visitors !! 

We just posted a GREAT foot domination preview with Ballbusting Goddess Mistress Janina on depostitfiles for free !! Watch the first part of " Goddess Janina's ballbusting outfits " - this is the first of 5 parts - a new one comes in the next days ....!!
Categorie: Ballkicking - Foot Domination - Sexy Babe
Visit Killerkicks Ballkicking Babes Homepage

For the free download you have to click this link:   

Mistress Janina - one of the hottest ballbuster ever & extreme ballkicker !!

Ballbusting & Foot Domination Goddess Mistress Janina changed her outfit often during a and looks beautiful and kicks balls verry sexy and real hard thats are killerkicks- look at this hot & high-heeled ballbusting babe - she kicks his balls until they are swollen... 
Caregory: Sexy Foot Domination - German Femdom - Sexy Fetish - Goddess

Visit the Store of theis breathtaking ballbuster
on www.clips4sale.com/29654 !! Or Killerkicks German Femdom

Killerkicks German Female Domination and Humiliation Clip "Extreme Ballkicking"

Killerkicks mov 736 - Ball busting Devil - " EXTREME ballkicking " - first half
"Extreme Ballkicking" - here the first half is this shocking female domination video ! In this clip a leggy Domina shows her skill... Ballbusting Devil wears very nice shoes and a mask.!! How much pain can a man endure? The Mistress will test it... Breathtaking Ball busting scenes! ---XXXXX---
Categories: Ballbusting - Ballkicking - Female Domination - Fetish - Femdom 

"EXTREME ballkicking" 
10 minutes runningtime
81 MB - MOV file


Free Ballkicking " ManU vs Chelsea " - hardcore ballbusting clip with german blonde kicking man's nuts with full power !!

Nc SPECIAL "ManU vs Chelsea"... 
That is it !! Watch Mistress Divina in this brutal ballkicking clip called "ManU vs Chelsea" !! She's dressed in a hot soccer outfit wants to go to the stadium. On her way she get pissed of from a hooligan and gives a bad lesson in real " ballkicking " to him...Mistress Divina gives him a very, very hard penalty kick between the legs a real killerkick !!! He goes down and she dominates him a little bit...Watch this damn brutal german goddess in action !! Wanna mess with her... ?? --------Windows-Media-Version-----------

"ManU vs Chelsea" 
Lady Divina & nameless hooligan...
2:10 minutes Runningtime
WMV version 54 MB
Real Ballkicking - Women Humilated Men Balls  - Extrem Tortur - Sadistic Mistress

" Cute Ballbreaker " - fullversion of the legendary ballbusting & femdom clip with Janina from KILLERKICKS !!

Ncmov728 - " Cute Ballbreaker " - fullversion 
What an unbelievable hot & cruel video clip!! Ball busting Goddess Mistress  Janina gives a painful lesson to her slave. She sits down on him and starts to torture his genitals! Then he must stand up and it is a time for really cruel ball busting ! XXXXX Was für ein unglaublicher Videoclip !! Ball busting Goddess Mistress Janina erteilt ihrem Sklaven eine schmerzhafte Lektion. Sie setzt sich auf ihn und beginnt seine Genitalien zu quälen ! Danach muss er sich aufrichten und es ist Zeit für richtig brutales ball busting ! XXXXX Что для невероятного видеоклипа!! Янина выдает болезненный урок ее рабу. Она садится на него и начинает мучить его половые органы! Затем он должен подниматься и это время для действительно жестокого ballbusting! XXXXX Quel vidéoclip incroyable!! Janina donne une leçon douloureuse à son esclave. Elle se met sur lui et commence à tourmenter ses parties génitales! Ensuite il doit se redresser et il est le temps pour correctement brutal ballbusting! XXXXX ¡Que para un videoclip increíble!! Janina da una lección dolorosa a su esclavo. ¡Ella se lo sienta y comienza de atormentar sus genitales! ¡Después él tiene que ponerse en pie y es el tiempo para bien brutal ballbusting

" Cute Ballbreaker " - fullversion
Ballbusting Babe Janina & a poor guy with mask...
12 minutes runningime
98 MB download file
CBT  Ballbusting - Foot Domination - Bdsm - Cruel Babe


Manchester vs Chelsea - the making-of will be posted on 20/07/2011 !!

We are cutting the making-of today... will be posted tomorrow in the afternoon !!

"I am your mistress!" - femdom with oriental goddess - amazing P.O.V. clip !

Nc0723 - " I'm your Mistress " ! first half
What a wonderful oriental mistress !! She gives a lesson in femdom to her slave ! First she's teasing him with her wonderful body - then the starts to trample his groin ... Here is the first half of "I am your Mistress" !! 

Nc0724 - " I'm your Mistress " ! second half
And her is the second half of the game !! Now she orders him to show his naked balls to her - she needs a new target...she starts a brutal ballbusting session... What a cruel lady !! 

                                                                 " I'am your Mistress "
                                                              Ballbusting Devil & Slave
                                                       12min Run-time - Size: 32 &30 mb
                          Categorie: Brutal Ballbusting - Foot Domination - German Femdom

Foot Domination by Killerkicks in Black Boots !! " Ballbusting Fantasy "

Foot Domination Janina - 268 - " Ballbusting Fantasy " - first half...
That's what we call a "ballbustingdream" - Goddess Janina in an ultrahot outfit and black boots - she looks incredible tonight ! In this first half of the game she gives a cruel foot domination lesson in p.o.v. to her slave - extreme painful kicks to his nuts are waiting for him... what a cruel p.o.v. lesson...! 


Ballbust the burglar !! - EXTEME brutal ballbusting clip - these balls are broken....

Ncmov691 " Ballbust the Burglar " !!
A burglar want's to touch her ass while the ballbusting devil sleeps...WHAT A BAD IDEA !!She throws him on the bed and starts to bust his balls with her naked feet and her powerful knees, real killerkicks - she kicks the hell out of him - looks like she wants to castrate him with her merciless kicks...shocking scenes!! This is one of the most brutal ballbusting vids ever ! 

"Ballbust the burglar !!"
the "Ballbusting Devil" & nameless guy...
6 minutes runningtime - 56 MB file download
Ballbusting - Female Fighting - Killerkicks Femdom - Bdsm

" Love hurts - vol.4 " - Extreme Balltorture by fantastic model from KILLERKICKS !

Ballkicking Goddess janina only dressed with a red short shirt gives a barfoot lesson in trampling and balltorture! ...the Mistress tramples, kicks & stomps the hell out of his swollen balls with her sweet nacked feet and her sexy legs.... What a brutal barfoot ballbusting session - what a killerkicks ballbusting goddess !! 

" Love Hurts - vol.4"
Mistress Janina & some nuts...
4 minutes runningtime
32 MB WMV download
Extreme - Balltorture - Barfoot Trampling - Cbt  - Bdsm - German Femdom
Killerkicks German Femdom Homepage


Free Ballkicking Clip with Lady Divina ! ManU vs Chelsea - blonde babe kicks a penalty !

Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes Homepage
What an incredible clip !! Watch this very special footballmatch between ManU and Chelsea !! 
You will find the downloadlink of the full version on the startingpage of  www.killerkicks-videos.com it's for free - posted on our Homepage !! 

...or visit Mistress Divina's Clippage for more shocking ballbusting clips with her:  


The ball busting babes from "KILLERKICKS" - they know how to bust balls !!

These babes are some of the most brutal femdom ballkickers we ever watched !! They all produced some hardcore ball busting clips for the "KILLERKICKS" project. Watch these bad chicks giving painful lessons in more than 1000 clips ! Visit our mainpage and have fun and take care of your nuts ... !!

Category: German Femdom - Cbt Ballkicking - Extreme Bdsm - Foot Domination

Lady Divinas " Ballbusting Torture " - both parts of a real shocking female domination session !

Lady Divina - Nc0687 - " Ballbusting Torture " - first half...
What a breathtaking & real session from the "world of fetish" (W.O.F.) in Hamburg/Germany - Mistress Divina starts a sadistic and supercruel sadistic ballbusting session...what a bad day for her slave! She kicks his balls real strong with her high-heeled boots - She kicks, tramples, stomps and ballbusts him - Divina loves to torture helpless slaves, she has so much fun to make them cry...but what a bad torture for her poor slave... She busts the hell out of him... 


" Bound & Busted " - more shocking previews of Janina's legendary ball busting clip

Watch Mistress Janina in a merciless P.O.V. ball busting session! This is part one of " Bound & Busted " - she wears a superhot white outfit & black fishnet-stockings and kicks his bound balls with her high-heels - hot & painful stuff...  Mistress Janina tramples, stomps & tortures his balls with her boots - then she takes a seat on his bound nuts...looks like she wants to break them with her perfect ass !! Ball busting Goddess Mistress Janina also uses her legs for this experiment...watch her in hottest CBT / P.O.V. action! After this heavy cbt lesson Mistress Janina tramples and tortures his balls without stockings - naked feet & legs in CBT / P.O.V. action - watch her breathtaking legs in this great cock & ball busting clip !!

" Swollen Balls " - Extreme Brutal Ballbusting Clip from KILLERKICKS

" Swollen Balls " - Nc0674 - - first half ...
This foot domination clip is an ultrabrutal ballbusting session with a very sporty & hot ballkicker who shows her killerkicks ballkicking technics to you !! Many different kinds of kicking nuts and 
hard cbt in this painful first half of the " Swollen Balls " session - 10 minutes of hardest ballkicking !!

" Swollen Balls "  - Nc0675 - - second half !
What a brutal finish!! Watch the second half of the "Swollen Balls" session - that's absolute breathtaking ballbusting action with the ballbusting devil - watch this hot cheerleader (and her perfect body...) in this hardcore ballkicking clip - she hurts him very, very bad - but finaly she gives a hot striptease....great german femdom & ballbusting stuff ! 


" Bedroom Ballbusting " fullversion Devils Brutal Ballbusting Session !!

What a fantastic outfit for a ball busting session and lesson, ball busting devil looks realy hot - first the 
 " ballbusting devil " gives a taste of her hot body to the cam - then she starts to kicks her victim's balls with extrem hard killerkicks ...what a cruel german femdom mistress  !! What a painful and bad lesson for her victim...watch this hot cheerleader finishing a guy with lots of 
painful killerkicks and knees to his balls - 10 minutes of absolute hot & real brutal ball busting !

" Bedroom Ball busting fullversion " 
The ballbusting devil & slave
11 minutes runningtime
72 MB - WMV file
Ball busting - CBT Fetish - Femdom P.O.V - Ball Torture

" What a Cruel Babe !" - hardcore CBT by hot & pervert mistress from germany !

Here is the fullversion of an amazing CBT Ballbusting Trampling session with Ballbusting Goddess Mistress Janina ! She tramples his nuts (they are bound on a chair...) with her high-heels and he has to take it...super hot trampling and ball destruction stuff with one of the hottest european mistresses !! 
Mistress Janina hurt him so very bad - he's begging for mercy !! She tramples his bound balls and finaly he has to stand up and she gives him a painful lesson in real hard ballbusting !! 23 minutes of brutal balltoture by this fucking hot devil - to much for him and his swollen nuts ... 

" What a Cruel Babe !"
Mistress Janina & slave
23 minutes runningtime
143 MB WMV format
Bdsm - Cbt Ballbusting - German Femdom - High Heels

Fantastic Foot Domination in P.O.V. & Ballbusting Clip with hot ballbuster janina by Killerkicks "Bound & Busted"

Watch Foot Domination & Ballbusting Goddess Mistress Janina in a merciless P.O.V. foot domination session! This is part one of " Bound & Busted " - the mistress wears a superhot white outfit & black fishnet-stockings and kicks his bound balls with her high-heels - hot & painful stuff..She is a killerkicks ballbusting legend....Goddess janina stand for sexy sadistic femdom and the longest legs in the net. Or visit our Killerkicks Homepage.

"Bound & Busted" vol.1 - 7
Mistress Janina & some bound balls...
25 minutes runningtime
7 parts download
Female Domination - CBT - Ballbusting - Bdsm Babe - Foot Domination - P.O.V. - Killerkicks


"Ballbusting Goddess" Vol.1 - 4 - Hardcore CBT & violent femdom by KILLERKICKS

"Ballbusting Goddess" Vol 1 - 4
The ballbusting Devil & slave
20 minutes running time
4 parts - AVI or WMV 
Feet Fetish - Ball Trampling - Black Boots - Ball Busting - German Femdom

One of our most brutal ballbusting clips ever and ballbusting devil is one of the mercilesst ballbuster ever !! Watch this beautiful sadistic german femdom ballbuster by destroying the balls of a poor guy with her killerkicks kicks and feets !! First she's teasing him with her sporty body and nacked feets - then she starts hard cbt kicking his testicle !! First she kicks him with some black boots - finally she is using her pretty naked feets to kick the shit out of him !! You like hard cbt femdom and
REAL ballbusting ? Than you have to watch this shocking femdom action fetish clip....!!!

"Feel me" - Footfetish Clip with sweet nacked feets and long long legs!! Sexy

Killerkicks " Feel me " - first half...  - Mistress Janina 0244 - 
This is total german femdom with ballbusting goddess mistress janina!! Goddess Janina gives an ultrahot lesson in footfetish & trampling with her sexy feets !! Watch the goddess teasing and humiliating her slave with her perfect legs & feet - finaly the goddess takes a seat on him and he has to lick her feet clean... 


" Absolute Ballkicking " - ultrahot babe gives lesson in fmdom & CBT !

Mistress Janina - Nc0650 - "Absolute Ballkickng" - first half...
Here is the first half of "absolute ballkicking" - thats one of the hottest ballbusting clips we ever filmed with Ballbusting Goddess Mistress  Janina ! Goddess Janina gives a taste of her kicking skills to her slave - he has to take couples of ballkicks - it's the pure horror for his nuts and pure fun for this german goddess !! 

Mistress Janina - Nc0651 - "Absolute Ballkickng" - second half...
And the beat goes on...watch Mistress Janina busting the hell out of her victim - many different kicking stylez - her never ending legs are weapons - made for kicking men's balls,for real killerkicks ballbusting - she an absolute ballkicking & ballbusting goddess !! 

"Absolute ballkicking" 
Mistress Janina & slave
13 minutes runningtime
2 parts 34 & 40 MB files
Female Domination - Cbt Ballkicking -Bdsm


"High-heel busting" - extreme ballbusting close-up clip - with Janina from KILLERKICKS !

Watch Mistress Janina in the first half of "High heel busting" that's hottest p.o.v. ballkicking
ball trampling action - she wears a supersexy black outfit tonight and she knows how to torture balls with high-heels...what a ball kicking goddess !!

High-heel busting - first half
Mistress Janina & some poor balls...
6 minutes runningtime
62 MB - MOV file
Trampling Fetish - Ballstomping - Cbt Ballkicking

"I'll finish your balls" Fullversion of a shocking hard ballkicking clip !!

What a powerful and cruel ballbusting mistress! First she gives him some ballkicking kicks with her boots - then she starts a real merciless ballbusting session...couples of full-force kicks to his naked bound balls !! After this bad torture he can't stand up anymore - it hurts to much !! Time to finish him.... - very, very painful stuff with an absolute merciless ballkicking from germany !!

"I'll finish your balls"
Lady Alicia & slave
10 minutes runningtime
71 MB - WMV file
Bdsm Ballkicking - Ballbusting - German Femdom - CBT - Merciless

"Swollen Balls" second part of devils ultrabrutal ballkicking sesion with hot cheerleader !

What a brutal finish!! Watch the second half of the " Swollen Balls " session - that's absolute breathtaking ballbusting action - watch this hot cheerleader (and her perfect body...) in this hardcore ballkicking clip - she hurts him very, very bad - but finaly she gives a hot striptease....great femdom & killerkicks ballkicking stuff !
" Swollen Balls" - second half ! 
The Ballbusting Devil & Slave
8 minutes runningtime
57 MB / WMV file
Femdom - Ball Busting - Killerkicks Fetish - Ballkicking


Goddess Janina's " Balldestruction" - pervert mistress destroying men's balls...extreme femdom from KILLERKICKS

"Balldestruction" firsthalf
Mistress Janina & slave
10 minutes runningtime
110 MB - MOV format
Femdom - Ballkicking Girls -Bdsm Videos - Balldestruction

"Ball Destruction" - the first half - that's real strong and painful ballkicking stuff with Mistress Janina - she's a ballkickin' hot goddess - her kicks are strong and merciless but she looks hot & cute in every second! Watch her kicking the hell out of him! Click the picture to visit Ballkicking Goddess Janina's clippage with the two parts of this great femdom & balldestrtuction movie ! Have fun by watch this cruel babe in action....

"Under Divina" - extreme femdom with cruel german mistress !!

Watch Lady Divina in cruel femdom trampling action! In this first part Lady Divina tortures his nipples and tramples his whole body with her high-heeled boots - what a perfect femdom trampling clip !
Lady Divina starts a new kind of torture - she spits on him and gives some brandings to his poor helpless body...Finaly she gives a very merciless and cruel finish to her slave - now she tramples & busts the hell out of his balls - with her bare feet !! Painful stuff....

"Under Divina" Vol.1 - 6
Divina Lady & slave
32 minutes runningtime
6 download parts
Humiliation - German Femdom - Trampling Fetish - CBT Ballbusting

"The ballbusting princess" Vol.1 - 3 - hardcore cbt ballkicking from killerkicks !

A princess of ball busting - dressed in an ultrahot silver mini skirt - her legs are so perfect - made for femdom ballkicking....watch the first part of a breathtaking ball busting session - she starts to kick the hell out o his balls !!

"Princess of ballbusting"
3 parts WMV or AVI format
11 minutes runningtime
German Femdom - Cbt  - Trampling Mistress - Ballkicking


"The Killerdomatrix" - hardcore femdom & CBT with german blonde mistress !!

Lady Divina - Nc0568 - "The Killer Domatrix" - vol.1
A brandnew femdom cbt session with Mistress Divina! She starts with a painful CBT game - cock & ball slapping and some other kinds of torture for her helpless victim... 

Lady Divina - Nc0569 - "The Killer domatrix" - vol.2
The second part of the game and it's a painful one...Mistress Divina gives a painful CBT lesson to her poor slave - using hot wax....!! What an icy domatrix!!  
Lady Divina - Nc0570 - "The Killer domatrix"  - vol.3
Now the REAL torture starts...Mistress Divina kicks the hell out of him!!! Couples of extreme brutal kicks to his poor balls in this third part - that's a very painful cbt lesson for her poor slave....what a 
merciless german domatrix !!! 

Lady Divina - Nc0571 - "The Killer domatrix" - vol.4
The last part of the " Killer-Domatrix " and Mistress Divina gives him the rest ! First she kicks his balls and then she gives him a cruel handjob until he has to cum...what a final!! 

"The Killerdomatrix"
Mistress Divina & slave
29 minutes runningtime
4 download parts
Men Humiliation - Sadistic Femdom - Bdsm - Ball Torture - Cbt

"Kicked by a naked Devil" - the first part of an amazing ballbusting clip !!

Here's the first part of an incredible P.O.V. ballbusting session with mistress Peel. Ballbuster Peel shows her perfect sporty body to us - and than she gives a merciless p.o.v. ballbusting session to the cameraman...he orders him to show her his naked balls - it sounds better when she kicks them with her bare feet...Now she starts with some real strong kicks - that hurts ..!! Extreme brutal P.O.V. ballbusting action with an amazing german ballbuster !!

" Kicked by a naked Devil - firsthalf"
Mistress Peel & some nuts...
6 minutes runningtime
69 MB - AVI file
Femdom Clips - CBT Videos - Barfeet Trampling - Ballbuster-


"Pure Pain" - the first 3 parts of a brutal femdom & ballbusting session with Janina

Jani210 - pure pain - vol.1
We think she's one of the hottest ballbusters on the web - here's the first part of a brand new ballkicking session with Mistress Janina - first she shows us her high-heeled feet, her legs and her awesome ass - then she shows the meaning of "pure pain" to her slave and kicks his naked balls.... 
Jani211 - pure pain - vol.2
"Pure pain" - part No.2 - she dominated him, tramples & kicks his balls - and she looks so fucking hot in every second...what a hot ballkicking babe!! 
Jani212 - pure pain - vol.3
Mistress Janina is born to bust balls !!! She gives some full force ballkicks in this third round - what an amazing ballbusting goddess !! 

"Pure pain"
Janina & slave
21 minutes runningtime
5parts wmv or MP4 format
Femdom  Ballbusting -Foot Domination - Cbt Ball Busting