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Hot babe in high heels gives a cruel lesson in female domination and ballbusting!! Clip posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 189 "Legs of destruction" Vol4 
And now watch this breathtaking ballkicking action in P.O.V. style !! Here is part No.4 and Janina kicks the hell out of him...!!

Blonde mistress gives extreme hot lesson in femdom!! Watch her stickin' her pretty feet into her slave's mouth!!! Cruel & hot female domination videos by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks - "Be my slave!!" first half 

 This blonde german mistress has some fun with her foot slave today!! Fetish doll tramples his body, rimms her feet into his mouth and orders him to lick her feet clean! After lots of foot domination she starts to smother him with her feet, her hands and her bubble ass!! What a humiliation by a real hot german fetishmodel! Here is the first of two parts "Be my slave!"

Ballbusting EXTREME with a hot asian mistress wearing high heels while she kicks the fuck out of his balls!!!! Cruel femdom posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 460 - "Her merciless legs..."
This is one of these extreme cruel and painful ball busting videos...!!!! - Watch the "ball busting devil" in action...she's wearing an ultrahot white bikini outfit and nasty high-heels and gives him couples of hardest killerkicks ball busting - later she put off her shoes and busts him full force with her bare feet - this is what we call absolute cruel P.O.V. german femdom ! Watch this asian ballslaughter kicking his mind out !! Killerkicks Ball Busting Babes

Barefeet ballkicking until he starts to cry!!! Hot asian mistress destroys some nuts by kicking them hard! Cruel femdom posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 2001 "FIGHT your balls !!" Part 1 
Here is the first of 3 extreme painful parts - "Fight your balls" - that is REAL hard ball busting with one of the most sadistic girls we ever seen on video!! Watch this beauty kicking the hell out of a masked guy !! The mistress gives some couples of brutal kicks between his legs - after this attack he hast to fight for air !! And that is only the beginning....shocking hard ball busting with an asian ballkicker who knows how to bust balls!! 
Killerkicks 2002 "FIGHT your balls !!" Part 2 
What a merciless ball busting session!! Here is the second of 3 parts and it's filmed in P.O.V. !! Watch her bringing the pain to his nuts!! Some very intensive close-up's of will give you a taste of her trampling & ball busting style!! Absolute intensive pictures in this second part of "fight your balls"! ! 
Killerkicks 2003 "FIGHT your balls !!" Part 3 
Now she gives him the rest !!! Full force ball busting at it's best in this shocking last part!! Watch this clip and you know why this is the last part....She kicks his swollen nuts with full power - she shows absolute no mercy for him - watch her finishing him with her pretty bare feet!! Killerkicks Ball Busting


This cute german babe is a cruel MMA fighter!!!! Watch this blonde goddess kickboxing!! Hot female fihgting clip - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks fullmovie AVI - "Karateka Goddess"
It is the "karateka Goddess" female fighting babe! Here is the full version of this first clip with Heather. See how this amazon trained her body. Experience a unit from the first-person perspective - this German female fighting kick boxer is a very dangerous woman. So - who wants to be beaten by this beauty? These beautiful feet - in your face ....

Sie ist "Karateka Goddess" !! Hier ist Vollversion dieses ersten Clips mit Heather. Seht zu, wie diese Amazone ihren Körper trainiert. Erlebe eine Einheit aus der Ich-Perspektive - diese deutsche Kickboxerin ist eine extrem gefährliche Frau. Also - wer will von dieser Schönheit zusammengeschlagen werden ?? Diese schönen Füsse - in Deinem Gesicht....

Se trata de la "Diosa karateka"! Aquí está la versión completa de este primer clip con Heather. Vea cómo este amazon entrenado su cuerpo. Disfrute de una unidad de la perspectiva en primera persona - el kick boxer en lengua alemana es una mujer muy peligrosa. Por lo tanto - que quiere ser golpeado por esta belleza? Estos lindos pies - en su cara ....

それは "空手の女神"です!ここでヘザーと、この最初のクリップのフルバージョンです。このAmazonは彼女の体�'訓練する方法�'参照してください。一人 称の視点からユニット�'経験 - このドイツのキックボクサーは非常に危険な女です。だから - 誰がこの美しさに打たれたい?これらの美しい足 - あなたの顔に....

Mistress Betty gives painful lesson in CBT and ballkicking!! Watch this cruel femdom clip with a merciless goddess - posted by KILLERKICKS

KILLERKICKS "Ballbusting dream - vol.1"
Oh Betty...what a mistress! She gives her slave a very cruel lesson in ball busting - she is so sadistic & hot - extreme hard kicks to his nuts and a lot of erotic scenes ! Watch her hot body in this wonderful ball busting P.O.V. clip ! 

KILLERKICKS "Ballbusting dream - vol.2"
The second part of this great ball busting session - Mistress Betty in pur ballkicking action! She looks so hot but she kicks him so hard - he is for mercy and she has her fun...what a cruel Goddess!


Hot cheerleader loves to kick men's balls!! Cruel ballbust clip with sporty girl how knows how to kick some nuts!!! Cruel femdom by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks fullmovie AVI - swollen balls !
In the nuts! Here is the full version of "swollen balls" - a shocking Ballbusting session. The young cheerleader knows no mercy, kicking with full force! It's hard to believe how brutal this young lady is! Her feet slowly destroying his testicles - Step by step ... Absolutely extreme clip with hundreds of steps - always with full force - always in the nuts! This dominatrix knows how to do it ... Killerkicks Ballbusting

Voll in Eier !! Hier ist Vollversion von "swollen Balls" - einer schockierenden Ballbusting-Session. junge Cheerleaderin kennt keine Gnade und kickt mit voller Wucht !! Es ist kaum zu glauben, wie brutal diese junge Lady ist ! Ihre Füsse zerstören langsam seine Hoden - Tritt für Tritt... Absolut extremer Clip mit hunderten von Tritten - immer mit voller Wucht - immer voll in Eier ! Diese Domina weiss wie es geht...

En los frutos secos! Aquí está la versión completa de "pelotas hinchadas" - una sesión de Ballbusting impactante. La animadora joven no conoce la misericordia, dar patadas con toda su fuerza! Es difícil de creer lo brutal que esta joven es! Sus pies destruyendo paulatinamente sus testículos - Paso a paso ... Clip absolutamente extrema, con cientos de pasos - siempre con una venganza - siempre en las tuercas! Esta dominatriz sabe cómo hacerlo ...

ナッツで!衝�'�的な三昧セッション - ここでは "腫れボール"のフルバージョンです。若いチアリーダーは、完全な力で蹴り、容赦�'知らない!これは若い女性がどのように残酷であると信じてするのは難 しい!彼女の足�'ゆっくり自分の睾丸�'破壊する - ステップバイステップ...ステップの何百も絶対に極端なクリップ - 常に復讐の - 常にナッツで!この女王はそれ�'行う方法�'知っている...


Ballbusting video with hot blonde babe using her sneaker to damage his nuts!!! Cruel femdom - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks AVI556 - bad lesson part 1
Watch this german blondie in merciless femdom & ballbusting action !! She loves to hear the sound of poppin' balls...what a pervert and sadistic devil !!! She hurts him so bad - kicks his naked balls with her pretty bare feet !! Here is the first of two parts of the "bad lesson" !!! 
Killerkicks AVI557 - bad lesson part 2
And here is the second half of the "bad lesson" !! He want's a lesson in ballbusting ? Here it is...she kicks the hell out of him !! And finaly she uses her sneakers for the last kick between his legs ... 

German femdom clip with AMAZING hot and cruel mistress - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks movie MP4 - "Trampling Goddess !"
If you like beautiful goddess and trampling, you will love this clip .... Here is the full version of "trampling Mistress" with the exceptionally beautiful goddess Betty! She sits on a chair in her studio and starts to degrade you. Relive the mistress of the first-person perspective! She tells you, you kneel down in front of her. Now she rams her high heels into your body ... "I'll make you finished, you little prick!"

Wer schöne Frauen und Trampling mag, der wird diesen Clip lieben.... Hier kommt Vollversion von "Trampling Mistress" mit der aussergewöhnlich hübschen Herrin Betty ! Sie sitzt auf einem Stuhl in ihrem Studio und beginnt, Dich zu erniedrigen. Erlebe diese Domina aus der Ich-Perspektive ! Sie befiehlt Dir, Dich vor ihr hinzuknien. Jetzt rammt sie ihre hohen Absätze in Deinen Körper... "Ich mach Dich fertig, Du kleiner Wichser !"

Si te gustan las mujeres hermosas y las pisadas, que es el amor este clip .... Aquí está la versión completa de "Mistress atropello" con la excepcional belleza Betty señora! Ella se sienta en una silla en su estudio y comienza a degradarse. Disfrute de la dueña de la perspectiva en primera persona! Ella le dice, usted se arrodilla ante ella. Ahora se estrelló sus zapatos de tacón en su cuerpo ... "Voy a hacer que listo, cabrón!"

このクリップ�'愛している美しい女性と踏みつけ�'好きなら....ここで非常に美しい女性ベティで "踏みつけ女王"のフルバージョンです!彼女はスタジオで椅子に座って、あなたに低下し始めます。一人称視点の愛人�'体験!彼女があなたに伝え、あなた は彼女の前にひざまずく。今、彼女はあなたの体に彼女のハイ�'ール�'突っ込んだ... "私は、あなたが準備ができて少し刺す�'作ろう!"


Domatrix from germany gives lessons in ballbusting!!! Watch 2000 ballbusting & femdom clips and visit the KILLERKICKS video project!

KILLERKICKS productions will present more than 2000 clips with shocking cruel content to you: ballbusting trampling female domination humiliation facesitting mixed fighting and more !!!!!!!!!!

Mistress Janina kicks YOUR balls!!!! Extreme hot & painful ballbusting video with hottie who knows how to kicks some nuts...!!

Mistress Janina  - busted @ the classroom - vol.1 
The first part og the incredible "busted @ the classroom" session with Janina !! She's busting and kneeing the balls of her victim - brutal ballbusting stuff - filmed in P.O.V. !! 
The second part of this incredible P.O.V. ballbusting session @ school - in this part Janina kicks barefeet - she starts to kick the brain out of her pervert teacher...what a merciless amazone!! 

Hot babe kicks a guy in the nuts until he is begging for mercy!!! Cruel female domination with a sadistic cutie from germany! Ballbusting clip posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks - 176 "Absolute ballkicking vol.2"
Part No.2. watch Janina's never ending legs in cruel german femdom ballbusting action! The first couple of kicks is over but the next one starts...what an extreme painful lesson for her poor slaveboy...

Cruel ballbust - asian babe kicks the nuts of a guy until he goes down...!! Painful femdom stuff - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks - 174 "Can you take it - Vol3"
Watch the last part of an ultracruel ballbusting session with the "devil" ! She kicks the hell out of his swollen nuts !! This is what we call EXTREME !! Some of those kicks are real shocking !
German Femdom


The ballbusting babes of the KILLERKICKS project - watch these cruel lady in shocking ballbusting clips!! Free clip posted by KILLERKICKS

Here is another free clip from the KILLERKICKS ballbusting project:

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Mistress dressed in black stockings and high heels gives lesson in ballbusting and femdom!! Hot female domination clipo with lots of cruel ball torture scenes - posted by KILLERKICKS

NcAVI157 high-heel busting - part 1
Watch mistress Janina in hottest p.o.v.ballkicking action - she wears a supersexy black outfit tonight and she knows how to bust some balls with high-heels... This is the first part of a real cruel lesson in ballbusting - here is "high heel busting part 1"! 
NcAVI158 - high-heel busting - part 2
Here's the second part of the game and it's a very hot & painful one...Janina shows her P.O.V. ballbusting skills to the cameraman - ULTRAHOT! 
NcAVI159 high-heel busting - part 3
The last part of "high-heel-busting" - part No.3 - Janina kicks the hell out of his balls - watch her finishing him with lots of painful kicks! She will break them... 


Mistress kicks a guy into submission - heavy ballbusting clip from german dungeon!! Posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes - 549 - "Want more ??" Mistress Xenja
Xjane gives a bad lesson in ballbusting !! Watch her destroying his balls with couples of kicks and punches - she hurt him so bad with her bare feet that he has to fight for air !! What a painful kind of humiliation....Killerkicks German Femdom Clips and Videos

Ball busting mistress kicks the balls of a slave until he starts crying and begging for mercy!! No escape from the dungeon of Mistress Janina - cruel ball busting scenes - clip posted by KILLERKICKS

That's what we call a "Ballbusting dream" - watch Mistress Janina in an ultrahot outfit and black boots - what an incredible ballbusting dream! Pure ballkicking stuff in this first part of a real breathtaking ballkicking session with a young pervert goddess !! She starts to kick his mind out!  
 Killerkicks mpg 540 - "Ballbusting fantasy" - vol.2
And here is part No. 2 of our "ballbusting fantasy" with Mistress Janina - she gives another lesson in cruel ballkicking lesson to her poor slave - that means some extreme painful moments for him... Watch this cruel & icy german goddess 
Killerkicks mpg 541 - "Ballbusting fantasy" - vol.3
Here is part No. 3 - Mistress Janina in cruel ballkicking action! Her slave is down on the ground but she don't wanna stop - his balls are not swollen enough...what a ball busting torture !!


Asian mistress - dressed in a silver miniskirt & high heels kicks the hell out of a pootr guy!! Cruel ballbusting and shocking femdom - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks AVI 0388 - "Princess of Ballbusting" vol.1
A princess of ballbust - dressed in an ultrahot silver mini skirt - her legs are so perfect - made for ballkicking....watch the first part of a breathtaking ball busting session !! 
Killerkicks AVI 0389 - "Princess of Ballbusting" vol.2
The second part of the "princess of ball busting" session - watch her neverending legs in painful trampling & stomping P.O.V. action - what a bad torture for his bound balls !!! 

Killerkicks AVI 0390 - "Princess of Ballbusting" vol.3
The last part of the game and she puts her highheels off...now it's time for full-force ball busting - watch her finishing him with couples of HARDEST kicks - what a shocking clip!! What a cruel devil...! 

Two cruel german mistress beat-up a guy in the cold winter snow! Brutal babes in action - posted by KILLERKICKS

KILLERKICKS  -375 - "They trample the tramp" - vol.1 
What an outstanding and brutal german femdom duo !! Divina & Dominique beat up a tramp who ask them for money. What a bad idea...they beat him up with faceslaps, punches, kicks and full weight trampling !! What a poor guy - and humilated in the cold wintersnow....watch this cruel duo in great german femdom action !! 
KILLERKICKS - 376 - "They trample the tramp" - vol.2 
What a cruel german femdom duo ! Divina and Dominique give a very bad lesson in trampling, faceslapping and beating - they can't get enough...it's so much fun for them to beat up a helpless guy...


Powerful german amazone kicks in YOUR face!!! Female fighting clip with hot kickboxing babe - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks Fight Chicks 037 - "Cruel bikinibabe" fullversion 
What a fuckin' hot female fighting babe by killerkicks  !!! Kickboxing "KATHY" is her name and she's the one ! Watch her in the first part of the "Cruel bikinibabe" and you can watch close-up's of her breathtaking body while she prepares herself for a cruel female fighting session !!! Her body is the body of a goddess - strong but very feminine !! She's made for female fighting videos.... Kathy starts to attack your face with lots of hard and fast kicks - she's a REAL female fighting babe - watch her eyes while she beats you up - it's amazing to watch her female fighting skills !! It's amazing to watch her destroying a guy with her wonderful legs & feet - this is hard P.O.V. fighting action with a hot & "cruel bikinibabe" who shows NO MERCY to you !!!!!

Hot ballkicking clip with high heeled mistress!! She kicks the fuck out of his nuts - CRUEL femdom by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks mpg 214 - "Teased & busted Vol.1"
Janina orders her ballbusting slave to visit her for a breathtaking event...she teases & kicks him soooo hot and strong - awesome femdom stuff with a real ball busting goddess !! 
ncmpg215 - teased & busted Vol.2
Part No.2 and Janina kicks his balls stronger and stronger until he fell down and starts to cry....but she don't care... what a hot devil !! 


Cruel CBT by ruthless asian mistress!! Hardcore femdom with shocking ballkicking scenes - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks AVI 0173 - "Can you take it - Vol2"
The second part of a shocking brutal ballkicking game...watch these extreme ballbusting scenes with her bare feet in action !! Looks like she wants to castrate him with her bare feet!!! Ruthless Lady....

Hot babe in red miniskirt & high heel kicks a guy between the legs until his balls are broken!!

Killerkicks - Jani Avi 82 - "Painful Games vol 2"
And here is part No.2 - but now she uses her high-heels...what's a good ballbusting session without nice shoes? Watch this hot german fetish babe kicking the fuck out of him !!

Asian ballkicker destroys some nuts with her pretty feet!!! Cruel ballbusting clip - posted by KILLERKICKS

ncmpg152 Ballbusting goddess 3 of 4 
 The 3th part of this pervert balldestruction game...she shows her perfect body and kicks the hell out of him the same time !! What a perfect P.O.V. barefeet ballkicking session with an extreme sporty asian amazone !!

Ballbust sampler with real cruel mistresses kicking nuts!! Brutal femdom clips posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks Special - NATURAL BALLKILLERS 
Here is a shocking ballbusting clip with some scenes we never posted before !! Watch the "natural ball busters" destroying some nuts in this breathtaking ball busting clip !! 6 minutes of pure ballkicking !!


Extreme merciless ballkicking lesson by a blonde amazone!! This babe knows how to kick balls!!! Cruel femdom video posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks fullmovie MP4 - "Bust the hell out !" fullversion
And another REALLY brutal ballbusting movie .... "Bust the Hell Out" is a well-chosen title! Mistress Alicia is known for its ruthlessness? Alicia does not care if a man weeps or cries for help - it makes no difference. When she first started with a ballbusting session, there is no going back .... She tortures his testicles with endless kicks, killerkicks ballbusting kicks - some of them are incredibly hard! In the end, he's down and starts crying and begs for mercy. "Well, you little fucker ... that was too much for you?"

Und ein weiterer RICHTIG brutaler ballbusting Film.... "Bust the Hell out" ist ein gut gewählter Titel ! Herrin Alicia ist bekannt für ihre Rücksichtslosigkeit ! Alicia ist es egal ob ein Mann weint oder um Hilfe schreit - es macht keinen Unterschied. Wenn sie erstmal mit einer Ballbusting Session angefangen hat, gibt es keinen Weg zurück.... Sie quält seine Hoden mit endlosen Tritte - einige von ihnen sind unglaublich hart ! Am Ende liegt er am Boden und fängt an zu weinen und fleht um Gnade. "Tja du kleiner Wichser... war das zuviel für Dich ??"

そしてもうひとつの残忍な三昧の映画.... "地獄�'抜け出す"適切に選択されたタイトルです!愛人アリシアは、その冷酷さで知られています?アリシアは、助け�'求めて男泣くか泣くか�'気にし ません - それは違いはありません。彼女が最初三昧セッション�'開始したとき、もう後戻りはありません....彼女は無限の手順で、彼の睾丸�'拷問 - そのうちのいくつかは非常に難しいです!最後に、彼はダウンだと泣き出すと慈悲�'懇願する。 "さて、あなたは少し愚かな人...あなたのためにあまりにもだった?"

Y otra película ballbusting realmente brutal .... "Bust a la mierda" es un título bien elegido! Señora Alicia es conocida por su crueldad? Alicia no le importa si un hombre llora o grita en busca de ayuda - no hace ninguna diferencia. Cuando comenzó con una sesión de ballbusting, no hay vuelta atrás .... Se tortura a sus testículos con un sinfín de medidas - algunas de ellas son increíblemente duro! Al final, él está abajo y comienza a llorar y pide misericordia. "Bueno, hijo de puta poco ... eso era demasiado para usted?"

German mistress in lady gaga style kicks the nuts of a guy with her pretty bare feet!!! Cruel ballbusting video with an amazing blonde mistress from germany!! Posted by KILLERKICKS

Peel40 She's a Killer ! part3
Part No. 3 and mistress Peel is showing her trampling skills to his swollen balls - and she looks so sadistic while she hurts him..... Watch this cruel & cute german mistress in painful foot domination action ! 

Hot german babe gives lesson in kickboxing!!! This blonde amazone knows how to beat-up a guy...!! Female fighting clip posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks - Fight Chicks 035 "Kickboxing tryout - compl."
All the 5 parts of the "kickboxing tryout" in one clip - 14 minutes of hottest P.O.V. kickboxing with a young german femfighter: Kathy!! She gives a lesson in brutal kickboxing to her cameraman - great female fighting fetish stuff !! 

Cruel mistress kicks the balls of a poor slave!! Painful ballbusting sssion from the dungeon of Lady Janina! Shocking femdom clip - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks - fullmovie AVI - "Teased & busted !"
Perhaps the most brutal german Femdom session with Janina! "Teased & busted" was filmed in a dungeon. The atmosphere has probably inspired Janina ... Anyway, she is in this video extremely unapproachable and sadistic. She kicks her slave hundreds of times in the nuts. Whenever he goes to the floor - she puts herself provocatively in front of him ... extremely hot ballbusting - and consistently to the end .... Killerkicks German Femdom Ballbusting

Vielleicht brutalste Femdomsession mit Janina! "Teased & busted" wurde in einem Dominastudio gefilmt. Atmosphäre hat Janina wohl inspiriert... Jedenfalls ist sie in diesem Video extrem unnahbar und sadistisch. Sie kickt ihrem Sklaven hunderte Male in Nüsse. Immer wenn er zu Boden geht - stellt sie sich aufreizend vor ihn... extrem heisses Ballbusting - und konsequent bis zum Schluss....

Tal vez la más brutal Femdomsession con Janina! "Bromeó y arrestado" fue filmada en un calabozo. La atmósfera ha inspirado probablemente Janina ... De todos modos, es en este video muy inaccesible y sádico. Ella comienza a cientos de sus esclavos de los tiempos en los frutos secos. Cada vez que va al suelo - que ella misma pone provocativamente delante de él ... ballbusting extremadamente caliente - y consistente hasta el final ....


Ballbusting lesson at the dungeon!!! Two german mistress kicking the nuts of a poor slave - shocking cruel stuff - posted by KILLERKICKS

Ncfullmovie - kicked by 2 supermodels !
"Kicked by two supermodels" - here is the full version of a truly shocking film! Absolute extreme ballbusting scenes - filmed from the first-person perspective - this is not for the faint of heart .... These two German mistresses show no mercy. At first they make you hot - strip for you - until your cock is hard. Then they flatten your nuts! Hundreds of brutal hits - every single one came with full force. An incredibly brutal session - the testicles are good for nothing more ....

"Kicked by 2 Supermodels" - hier ist Vollversion eines wirklich schockierenden Films ! Absolut extreme Ballbusting Szenen - aus der Ich-Perspektive gefilmt - das ist Nicht für schwache Nerven.... Diese beiden deutschen Dominas kennen keine Gnade. Am Anfang machen sie Dich geil - strippen für Dich - bis Dein Schwanz hart ist. Dann machen sie Deine Nüsse platt ! Hunderte von brutalen Treffern - jeder einzelne mit voller Kraft getreten. Eine unglaublich brutale Session - Hoden sind zu Nichts mehr zu gebrauchen....

"Echaron por dos supermodelos" - aquí está la versión completa de una película realmente impactante! Absolute escenas filmadas ballbusting extremos, desde la perspectiva en primera persona - esto no es para los débiles de corazón .... Estos dos amantes alemanes no mostrar misericordia. Al principio te hacen en caliente - tira para usted - hasta que su polla es duro. A continuación, se aplanan las tuercas! Cientos de golpes brutales - todos y cada uno de uno vino con toda su fuerza. Una sesión increíblemente brutal - los testículos no sirven para nada más ....

"二つのスーパーモデルに蹴られ" - ここで本当に衝�'�的な映画のフルバージョンです!絶対極値三昧シーン - 一人称視点から�'�影 - これは心臓の弱い人のためのものではありません....これら二つのドイツの愛人は慈悲�'示さない。あなたのコックがハードになるまで - あなたのためのストリップ - 最初は彼らはあなたが熱くなってしまう。その後、彼らはあなたのナット�'平らに!残忍な�'ットの数百 - 一人一人は完全な力となりました。信じられないほど残忍なセッション - 睾丸より何の役にも立たないです。....


Mistress Janina dominate helpless slave! Extreme german femdom clip posted!

Killerkicks 0756 - "Ball busting fantasy" p.o.v. - fullversion  

Goddess Janina in one of the hottest killerkicks ball busting sessions ever !! Mistress Janina in "Ball busting fantasy" p.o.v. - the fullversion ( 16 minutes running time ! ) She's dressed in an ultrahot outfit and black boots - what a perfect dress for a ballkicking session ! He has to present his bound balls to her and she starts to kick the hell out of them...In the last few minutes you can watch her kicking his bound balls in P.O.V. !! Isn't she sweet ?? We hope you'll get a taste of her.... Killerkicks

Beautyful babe kick where it hurts!! Extreme ballkicking clip with hot german mistress - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 0199 - Betty - "Ballbusting dream Vol.5"
Now our stupid slave has a problem! Mistress Betty is pissed off that he can't mastrubate - now he has a nice time with an angry ballbusting Mistress - she gives another painful lesson in ultrabrutal ballkicking to him - she hurts him very, very bad.... Killerkicks
 Killerkicks 0198 - Betty - "Ballbusting dream Vol.4"

The Goddess is so hot! In this part Ballbusting Betty orders her slave to mastrubate and shows him her naked pierced pussy - she want's to kick the cum out of his balls! She starts to kick his nuts but her kicks are to strong - he can't mastrubate...what a bad lesson for him!  
Killerkicks 0197 - Betty - "Ballbusting dream Vol.3"
What a cruel torture session for her poor slave! Ballbusting Betty want's to kick his balls more and more and more - she loves ballkicking...then she takes a break and takes of her pants to show him her sweet ass - lucky slave for 10 seconds, then she start to kick him flat...


Ball torture TOTAL !!! Mistress stomps some balls with full powr!!! Shocking ballbusting clip - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 0346 - Betty - "Kick him flat !" Vol.1
What a brutal ballbusting session !!! Betty gives a very painful lesson to her victim - looks like she wants to castrate him with her kicks...EXTREME ballkicking stuff !! 

Killerkicks 0347 - "Kick him flat !" vol.2
The second part of an ultra cruel ballbusting destruction session with Betty - first she stomps and tramples his nuts with her full weight - then she orders him to spread his legs again and finishes him with some painful kicks from behind...extreme brutal ballbusting stuff with Mistress Betty ! 

Brutal asian babe in cheerleader outfit kicks the hell out of a guy!!! Sadistic ballbusting - posted by KILLERKICKS

Killerkicks 0239 - Ballbusting-Devil - "Swollen balls" - Vol.1
The first part of a brutal ballkicking session with a ballbusting devil in action and some swollen balls at the end....here is the first part and she starts the session with black high-heeled boots - some extreme painful moments for her victim.... Killerkicks Ballkicking

Killerkicks 0240 - Ballbusting -Devil - "Swollen balls" - Vol.2

Part No.2 and she gives him couples of hardest ballkicking skills - she's sooo hot...  

Killerkicks 0241 - Ballbusting -Devil - "Swollen balls" - Vol.3
The third part of the game...she knees and kicks his groin so brutal - look like she wants to castrate him with her bare feet...extrem ballkicking !


Hadcore ball busting!! 2 on 1 - that is not fair!!! Two german fetishmodels kicking the balls of a poor guy until he goes down and starts to cry!! Real ball busting & femdom by KILLERKICKS Video Productions

Killerkicks 0619 - "Ballbusting stars - first half"
The first half of the "ballbusting stars" - extreme brutal ballkicking with two hot and absolute merciless german mistresses !! They kick the hell out of this poor slave - watch the first half of an amazing ballkicking session.

 Killerkicks 0620 - "Ballbusting stars - second half"

And here's the second half...they finish him with couples of extreme brutal kicks - total ballkicking until he's in submission...  


Fetish modell Tracy knows how to smother a guy....Extreme hot headscissors by german wrestling babe!!! Cruel femdom stuff by KILLERKICKS

What a hot scissor clip with german femdom babe Tracy !! She smothers & scissors him with her powerful legs while she's reading a book ! And he has to fight for air.... 

A poor guy who realy has to fight for air !! German femdom babe Tracy scissors him with lots of cruel technics - her wrestling style is brutal !! He has no chance ... 

Watch german femdom babe Tracy finish her victim with "breathtaking" head scissors - he has no chance !! What a cruel goddess !!