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" Teased & Busted " - Ballbusting Goddess Mistress Janina in CBT, Ballbusting and Humiliation !!

Jani Mpg191 - " Teased & Busted " - vol.1
Ballbusting Goddess Janina orders her ballbusting slave to visit her for a breathtaking event...first she teases him with her perfect body - then she starts to kick him soooo hot and hard between his legs with her sexy & hard killerkicks  - pure ballkicking with one of the hottest ballbusting mistresses ever - that's real awesome stuff !! 

Jani Mpg192 - " Teased & Busted " - vol.2
Part No.2 and Mistress Janina the Goddess kicks his balls stronger and stronger until he fell down and starts to cry....but she don't care... what a hot devil !! Watch Mistress Janina's FANTASTIC backside while she brings the pain to his filthy nuts....  
Jan iMpg193 - " Teased & Busted " - vol.3
Part No.3 and Mistress Janina starts to use her knees - some painful moments for his poor nuts... watch this ultrahot german mistress busting his balls him very, very bad... Hot ballbusting close-up's in this 3th part ! 
Jani Mpg194 - " Teased & busted " - vol.4
Part No.4 - watch Mistress Janina's perfect body in action - she gives couples of hardest kicks to his balls - that's absolute extreme ballkicking stuff !! Watch this young german mistress having REAL fun with her helpless victim !! 
Jani Mpg195 - " Teased & Busted " - vol.5
And here is the last part of "teased & busted" - watch her finishing his poor balls in P.O.V. and killerkicks style! She's a devil and she loves to kick helpless balls soooo much ! Mistress Janina tramples, stomps & kicks him into total submission... What a painful final !!

"Teased & busted" - all the 5 parts
Mistress Janina & slave
18 minutes runningtime
5 download parts - MPG files
killerkicks femdom - mistress - ballbusting - tease & denial - ballkicking


New Female fighting clips page online !! Watch some hot german babes kicking and punching the shit out of some poor guys !!


We just uploaded a new Clippage for female fighting clips !!
You can watch all our fighting clips on this new page.
We started with the first posts - kickboxing with Kathy - female fighting & facebusting
with Female Fighterin Divina - scissorholds and female wrestling with Tracy !!!
That is only the beginning - we will post more than 100 clips with fighting content 
in the next weeks on http://www.clips4sale.com/26971  !!
Killerkicks - Female Fighting


" Ballbusting Afternoon " - german blonde gives lesson in cock & ball torture !! German femdom clips by killerkicks

Nc 0615 - " Ballbusting Afternoon " - first half
German mistresses are real experts in ballbreaking...watch this blonde goddess torure his balls in P.O.V. !! Here's the first half... 
Nc 0616 - " Ballbusting Afternoon " - second half
The second part of the "ballbusting afternoon" - now she starts to torture his balls hith brutal ballkicking - watch her finishing his nuts in P.O.V.... 

" Ballbusting Afternoon "
The fetishdoll & slave
12 minutes runningtime
2 download parts
Femdom P.O.V. - Legs Fetish - High Heels - CBT - Ballbusting


" Busted @ the Classroom " part.2 - Ballbusting Goddess Janina in Cruel Ball Torture

Nc mov 945 " Busted @ the Classroom " - secondhalf
The second half of the game - Mistress Janina starts with lots of hard ballkicks, real killerkicks, for a bad ball torture  - then she shows her perfect ass to the cam while she steps with her nacked feets on his balls to torture until he starts to cry ! Finaly she gives him a last bad ballkicks with her high-heels and her never ending legs - to much for him...what a perfect ballbustingbabe !!! 

"Busted at the classroom" second half
Mistress Janina & a stupid guy...
11 minutes runningtime
91 MB download file
Femdom Mistress - Ballkicks - CBT  Humiliation - Ball Tortur - Feets

"I'll kill your balls" - female domination with the ballbusting goddess janina

Jani 064 - " I will killerkicks your balls " - vol.1
The clip-name says all.... Here's part No.1 - Mistress Janina gives a real hot & painful lesson in ballkicking today - her kicks are real strong and painful humiliation - couples of knees and kicks to his balls in this first part - what a bad girl...! 

"I will kill your balls !" vol.1
Mistress Janina & slave
4 minutes runningtime
30 MB download file
Ballbusting - Painful Humiliation- Foot Domination -  Killerkicks Mistress

" They trample the tramp " - 2 mistresses in cruel femdom tramplin aktion

Nc 0952 " They trample the tramp " ! firsthalf
What an outstanding and brutal femdom video... Here is the first half of "they trample the tramp" (Runtime 9 minutes) !! Two german mistresses beat up a tramp who ask them for money. What a bad idea...they beat him up with faceslaps, punches, foot domination and full weight trampling !! What a poor guy - humilated in the cold wintersnow....watch this cruel mistresses duo in brutal femdom humiliation action !! 

"They trample the tramp !"
Lady Divina & friends...
17 minutes runningtime
2 download parts
German Femdom- T rampling - Bdsm Humiliation - Face Slapping


" Hot Dressed Ballbuster " - Ballbusting Goddess Mistress Janina kicks the balls of a poor guy !!

Nc mov 926 - " Hot dressed ballbuster " - firsthalf
And now we proudly present: "The hot dressed ballbuster" !!! Watch your lovely mistress Janina dressed in stockings and high-heels - she looks so fucking hot !! But it's no fun to stay with her for a ballbusting session... She gives lots of brutal kicks to his balls - her kicking style is simply amazing ! ...here is the first half of an outstanding femdom session with Mistress Janina the Goddess!! 

Nc mov 927 - " Hot dressed ballbuster " - secondhalf
The second half of the "hot dressed ballbuster" will show you the meaning of sweet pain...watch this cutie busting balls in many different ways - finaly she's kicking his nuts with her bare feet until he starts to cry !! Bad, bad girl !!
" Hot dressed ballbuster "
Mistress Janina & slave
14 minutes runningtime
2 download parts a 63 MB
German Femdom- Ballbusting - Stockings - Bdsm - Fetish - Cbt

" Stand the Pain " - Ballbusting Goddess Janina in Black Boots

Jani 157 - " Stand the Pain " - vol.1
"Stand the pain" - part 1 - this is extreme hot ballkicking & femdom with mistress Janina - watch her busting balls skills with her killerkicks ballbusting kicks- the longest legs in the net dressed in black boots !! 

Jani 158 - " Stand the Pain " - vol.2
Part no.2 of a breathtaking ballkicking session with mistress janina - now it's time for some knees...what a painful lesson for his nuts !! 
Jani 159 - " Stand the Pain " - vol.3
And here comes part no.3 - the last part of this painful ballkicking game...watch
ballbusting goddess Janina's hot body - dressed in this wonderful outfit - in cruel ballkicking and killerkicks action ! Her black boots are made for balldestruction... 

"Stand the pain" all the 3 parts
Mistress Janina & slave
10 minutes runningtime
3 download parts
Female Domination - Black Boots - Ballbusting - CBT - Bdsm Humiliation


" The Ballbusting Stars " - 2 Mistresses in Ballbusting Humiliation ! Bdsm Fetish

Nc 0932 - " Ballbusting Stars " - firsthalf
Mistress Betty and Jozzey the sadistic doubel are ballbusting stars. The first half of the 
" ballbusting stars " - extreme brutal ballkicking with two hot and absolute merciless german mistresses !! The mistresses kick the hell out of this poor slave and have fun with his pain - watch the first half of a real shocking ballbusting session in killerkicks style... 
Nc 0933 - " Ballbusting Stars " - secondhalf
And here's the second half...they finish him with lots of extreme brutal kicks - they give a lesson in total ballbusting to him - they kick his nuts until he's in submission and starts crying ...  

" Ballbusting Starts "
Mistress Betty & friends
14 minutes runningtime
2 parts download
Female Domination - Ballkicking - CBT Ballbusting - Humiliation Bdsm

" The Bad Lesson " Female domination & cruel ballbusting with german punkrock babe !!

AM 0001 " The bad lesson " - vol.1
There's a new punkrock mistress in Town !! Her name is Amber and she LOVES to dominate men and his balls!! Here is the first part of an amazing femdom P.O.V. session with her - watch her smoking fetish a cigarette and check out her incredible tattoos !!! 
AM 0002 " The bad lesson " - vol.2
Now the killerkicks femdom lesson starts !! Amber gives couples of very intesive faceslaps to YOU ! Watch this punkrock girl slapping your mind out ! 

AM 0003 " The bad lesson " - vol.3
Amber LOVES to torture men ! In this third part of the game you can watch her destroying your hands with her black boots !! She tramples your fingers with her full weight ! What a brutal punkrock-lady .....  
AM 0004 " The bad lesson " - vol.4
A little break for watching art !! Her tattoos are simply fantastic - check out this wonderful painted body ! 

AM 0005 " The bad lesson " - vol.5
Now you can watch her finish a man by kicking his nuts !! Watch her giving a couple of hard kicks between your legs !! Ballbusting P.O.V. at it's best !!  

" The bad lesson " 
Mistress Amber & poor guy
12 minutes runningtime
5 download parts
Femdom - Smoking Fetish - Trampling - Ballbusting - Faceslapping - Punkrock Mistress


" Ballkicking Princess " - young mistress in ballbusting femdom P.O.V. !!

Nc 0929 - " Ballkicking princess " - firsthalf
Here comes the ballkicking princess! Tracy in a superhot outfit and white shoes - she looks like an angel but she kicks his balls like a real devil! Watch this extreme sadistic ballbusting clip - here's the first half of a real brutal ballkicking session with an amazing german fetish babe

Nc 0930 - " Ballkicking princess " - secondhalf
And here is the second half of the game !! Watch this german princess finishing a poor guy with lots of real painful ballkicks !! She's a pervert sadist who loves to hear the crying of her victim.... she gives a lesson ballbusting he will never forget !! 

"ballkicking princess"
Tracy & poor guy
12 minutes runningtime
2 download parts ( first & second half)
Femdom P.O.V. - Trampling - CBT  Ballbusting - Bdsm

"The Killerdomatrix" - extreme cock & ball torture by lady divina ! Killerkicks Femdom. !!

DV 93AVI - " the Killerdomatrix " Vol.1
A brandnew femdom session with Mistress Divina! She starts with a painful CBT game - cockslapping and other kinds of torture for her poor victim - she's so cruel... Watch this german mistress in this extra brutal femdom session

"The killerdomatrix" vol.1
 Lady Divina & slave
9 minutes runningtime
111 MB download
CBT Fetish - German Femdom - Humiliation - Bdsm


FULL FORCE Ballbusting !! Female domination bdsm videos & clips

Some people think that the most of the ballbusting videos in the web are fakes. We think that many clips are fakes but we also think that the most of the payclips on clips4sale.com are REAL !

Our productions are very real - 1000 clips - 2000 swollen balls. Check out our real ballbusting clips and tell us what you think - good or bad ? We know the answer...
Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes German Femdom

" Brutal Cheerleader " vol.1 - Feets in white socks gives a cock and ball torture

nc 0201 - Ballbusting-Devil - " Brutal Cheerleader 1 "
Oh my god...what an amazing outfit for a foot domination ballbusting session...The ballbusting devil in cherleader outfit beginns to torture his balls with her knees,kicks and her shoes until he starts to cry !! That'S are real killerkicks ballbusting, real german femdom !! She is a ballbusting goddess.Here is part No.1....

"Brutal cheerleader - Vol.1"
The ballbusting devil
4 minutes runningtime
43 MB download file
Femdom - Cheerleader Fetish - Ballbusting Babe - Cbt - White Socks

" Love hurts " vol.1 - with the ballbusting goddess mistress janina

Mistress Janina -  153 - " Love hurts " - vol.1
"love hurts" - part No.1 - This is a story about our cameraman - we think he's in love with mistress Janina - but she only loves to torture his balls...so she tramples and kicks his bound nuts - love hurts... 
Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes

"Love hurts" - vol.1
Janina the Goddess & some poor balls  
3 minutes runningtime 
24 MB Download
Killerkicks Femdom - High heels - Cbt - Torture - Ballbusting Goddess

"Balls in Danger !!" - German femdom bdsm & torture clips !!

Ballkicking Peel - mov 023 - " Balls in Danger " - vol3
Part No.3 of an amazing ballkicking session with mistress peel! She walks like a supermodel in her high-heels - but she kicks his balls like a soccerstar...some of her kicks a to strong for him and gives him a hard cock and balltorture - so he has to give up....! Manga peel from killerkicks !!
Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes

"Balls in Danger" vol.3
Mistress Peel & poor guy
3 minutes runningtime
33 MB download
Female domination - Ballbusting - CBT Fetish - Bdsm

Killerkicks Goddess Janina is: " The Killerqueen " Bdsm & Femdom Clip by Killerkicks

Nc 0922 - Mistress Janina - " The Killerqueen " - firsthalf
Mistress Janina is the KILLERQUEEN from killerkicks ballbusting babes !! Watch Mistress Janina the ballbusting goddess in the first half of this amazing ballbusting session & lesson.
The Mistress is dressed in this ultrahot black short outfit and she's teasing & ball busting him the same time...what a fucking hot ball busting goddess !! Watch this bad killerkicks girl giving a painful femdom & killerkicks ball busting lesson !! German Femdom Babes her.

" The Killerqueen "- firsthalf
Mistress Janina & poor slave
9 minutes runningtime
59 MB download files
Femdom - CBT - Bdsm - Fetish - High Heels - Ball busting 


" The Killerbabe " - Killerkicks extrem foot domination & ballkicking.

Jan imov150 - " Killerbabe " - vol.1
Mistress Janina the goddess is the "killerbabe from killerkicks" - watch this clip and you know why...here is part no.1 of a cruel ballkicking session with on of the hottest ballkicking babes we ever seen !! Watch this young german mistress busting the nuts of her victim with her high-heels !! Couples of  hard kicks in this first part of a cruel game..... 

" Killerbabe " vol.1
Mistress Janina & slave
4 minutes runningtime
45 MB download
Femdom - Ballkicking - CBT - Bdsm - High Heels - Fetish

Killerkicks - " Princess of Ballbusting" - German Femdom Fetish, Bdsm

Killerkicks - mov 900 - " Princess of ballbusting "
Watch the "princess of ball busting" in this ultrabruta femdom &l ball busting vid !! The mistress gives couples of hardest kicks to her victim - first she uses her high-heels and knees - later she gives him a lesson in full-force ballkicking with her bare feet... what a breathtaking femdom ball torture vid !!! 

" Princess of Ballbusting "
The ballbusting devil & slave
12 minutes runningtime
92 MB download file
Femdom Fetish - Ballkicking - Cbt - Ball Busting - High Heels - Legs


Killerkicks " Femdom P.O.V. Dream " - young mistress femdom fetish lesson by killerkicks.

Killerkicks - mov 899 - " Femdom P.O.V. dream "
This is a very special killerkicks clip !! Watch this young goddess teasing and dominating your mind in P.O.V. !! First she tramples your hands with her high-heeled shoes - then she orders you to sniff her pretty naked feet !! Now she tramples your face and finaly you have to sniff her breathtaking ass before she takes a seat on your face... what a lovely & pervert german babe !! 
Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes info.

"Femdom P.O.V. dream"
"the Goddess" Angelina
12 minutes runningtime
89 MB download
Femdom Fetish - Barfoot Trampoling - Foot Domination - tease & denial

Killerkicks P.O.V. with Goddess Janina Femdom and Ballbusting Clip - " She loves balltorture "

Killerkicks - Jani 146 - " She loves balltorture " - vol.1
The first part of a wonderful CBT & ballbusting session with Mistress Janina the goddess- she tramples, stomps and kicks his balls - she loves balltorture..

Killerkicks - Jani 147 - " She loves balltorture " - vol.2
Part No.2 - Mistress Janina's hot & endless legs in hot CBT & ballbusting action - watch this merciless cutie torture her victim - filmed in P.O.V. style !! 

P.O.V. Femdom - Jani 148 - " She loves balltorture " - vol.3
Part No.3 and Mistress Janina starts to slap & punch his balls - she loves to see him cry !! Painful CBT and ballbusting stuff ...

P.O.V. Femdom - Jani 149 - " She loves balltorture " - vol.4
And here is the last part of a wonderful femdom P.O.V. session with mistress Janina the goddess - finaly she gives some extreme painful feelings to him...what a ballbusting session !! 

"She loves balltorture" all the 4 parts 
Mistress Janina & slave's balls
17 minutes runningtime
4 parts 40, 49, 52 & 68 MB 
Femdom - Trampling - Footfetish - CBT Ballbusting - Bdsm Fetish


" Goddess attack " - Fullversion of the legendary female fighting clip with Kathy - a superhot german MMA fighter !!

Nc mov887  " Goddess attack " - Fullversion
What a hot female fighting babe from killerkicks !! Female Fighterin Kathy the Goddess gives another lesson in female fighting & training to our cameraman...watch this powerful german fighter bustin' the hell out of you...! Kathy gives couples of strong kicks to him, killerkicks and she looks great in every second - watch her brutal fighting & foot domination skills in P.O.V. style !! P.O.V. kickboxing with Kathy and she gives a last couple of kicks to her victim - the last one finishes him... What a brutal killerkicks female fighting and foot domination babe !! Her kicks are strong and her fighting style is extreme hot - watch Kathy kicking the hell out of her victim !!! Foot domination free her

"Goddess attack" - fullversion
Kickboxing Kathy  
11 minutes runningtime
100 MB download file
Femdom - Female Fighting - Kickboxing Fetish - Facebusting - Foot Domination

Facesitting Clip " Dreaming " - fantastic german femdom clip with hot cutie dominating a helpless guy !!

Goddess Janina - 058 - " Dreaming " - vol.2
Mistress Janina the goddess gives an ultrahot trampling, smother & foot domination session to her lucky boy-toy - what a femdom dream ! Here is part one of an outstanding femdom clip with the "BODY" Goddess Janina.... Free fetish on Killerkicks Ballbusting Videos

"Dreaming" vol.2
Mistress Janina 6 slave
8 minutes runningtime
57 MB download
Female Domiantion - Facesitting - Foot domination - Barfoot Trampling

" I will finish you balls " - Shocking hard ballkicking video with blonde mistress from germany !!

Killerkicks Alicia - 12AVI - " I'll finish your balls ! " vol.3
The last part of an extra painful ballkicking session with Lady Alicia - her slave can't stand up anymore - it hurts to much!! Time to finish him with some couples of merciless ballkicks.... More fetish and femdom on the killerkicks babes homepage

"I'll finish your balls !" -  vol.3
Lady Alicia & slave
3 minutes runningtime
40 MB download 
CBT Ballbusting - Fetish Trampling - Ballkicking Humiliation

" Ballbusting stars " - hardcore femdom & ball busting clip with Betty from KILLERKICKS !!

Killerkicks - MBE mov52 - " Ballbusting stars " - vol.2
The second part of a painful lesson for a stupid slave - he wants ball busting? Here it is...Mistress Jozzey and Mistress Betty kick his nuts harder and harder - realy want ballbusting?? sure?? Watch these 2 pervert ladys kicking his brain out !! EXTREME killerkicks ball busting content !! More german femdom her

" Ballbusting stars " - Vol.2
Mistress Betty & friends...
3 minutes runningtime
30 MB download file
Femdom Mistresses - Ball busting - CBT  Humiliation - Bdsm


High-heel busting" - the first part of a shocking femdom session with some balls getting damaged by hot german mistress !!

Nc Avi 157 " High-heel Busting " vol.1
Watch ballbusting goddess mistress Janina in hottest p.o.v.ballkicking action - she wears a supersexy black outfit tonight and she knows how to bust with high-heels... Watch her teasing the cam with her incredible body - and watch her kicking you between the legs with full power !!! What a sweet sadist... ---AVI-version--- 

"High-heel ballbusting" Vol.1
Mistress Janina & Slave's balls
5 minutes runningtime
4 MB download
High heels  Stockings - Female Domination - CBT  Ballkicking - Bdsm

" You really want it ? " - Vol.1 - P.O.V. ballbusting with german supermodel from KILLERKICKS femdom videos !!

Mistress Janina - p.o.v. - mov133 - " You really want it ? " - vol.1
Here's the first part of the " you really want it? " session with Mistress Janina - a stupid guy comes to Janina's room and asks her if she can kick him in the balls with her endless high-heeled legs - he wants to get a taste of her ballbusting skills !! - Yes she can....check out this P.O.V. ballbusting vid and you know why we call her the " Goddess of ballbusting "...!! 

"You really want it ?" vol.1
Mistress Janina & slave
4 minutes runningtime
34 MB download
Femdom p.o.v. - CBT - ball busting - tease & denial


" Beat the Meat " - german mistress gives lesson in female fighting - watch her beat-up her poor slave in this shocking brutal femdom clip !

 Nc mov 852 - " Beat the Meat " ! firsthalf 
DON'T MESS WITH THIS CRUEL GERMAN AMAZON !! Mistress Divina gives a lesson to her poor slave in painful female fighting skills with hard killerkicks- first he has to do a workout with her full weight on his back !! Then she starts a painful belly-punching attack ! After a couple of hits he has to fight for air !! And that is only the first half of the game.... 

Killerkicks Female Fighting

Nc mov 853 - " Beat the Meat " ! secondhalf
Now the REAL punishment starts...!!! Now she uses his whole body as a punching-bag !! He has to take lots of brutal kicks & punches to his belly and face - the last attack finishes him very bad ! Watch this amazing german mistress and female fighterin beating the hell out of a poor guy! Here is the second half of "Beat the meat" with merciless killerkicks ! Or look to the killerkicks membershipsite wiht many free previews

" Beat the Meat " - both parts
Lady Divina & slave
12 minutes runningtime
52 & 54 MB download files
  Female Fighting - Human Punching Bag -Mixed Fight - Bdsm Fetish

Shocking femdom clip with some fixed balls and a sadistic mistress torturing them...!! " Balls in Danger "

Mistress Janina - mov 46 - " Balls in Danger  " !!!(Janina-Version)
This is a clip about some poor balls and a sadistic young killerkicks mistress - and about some very hot and painful ballbusting Ball torture technics..... look at this bad machine..!!! Mistress Janina the Goddess fixed his poor balls and starts to stomp and punch them with feets, hands and knees !! And she teases the cam with her incredible body while she make this poor guy start crying....! Shocking killerkicks ballbusting balltorture with pretty Sadistic Mistress Janina the Goddess

"Balls in Danger"
Mistress Janina and some poor balls
7 minutes runningtime
65 MB download
Femdom -  Ballbusting- Ballstomping - Bdsm Fetish - Killerkicks - Sadistic

"Balls in Danger" - ballbusting session with blonde Mistress from germany !

peel 021 AVI - " Balls in Danger " - vol1
A brandnew ballbusting vid with our breathtaking mistress Peel the manga mistress from all mistresses! In the first part she humilates her slave in P.O.V. style - he has to spread his legs and she starts some bad groinkicks with her perfect high-heeled legs! She's a real hot devil..."balls in danger" - here's part No.1!
peel 022 AVI - " Balls in Danger " - vol2
the second part of a breathtaking ballbusting session with mistress Peel ! She walks like a supermodel and she kicks balls like a devil....
peel 023 AVI - " Balls in Danger " - vol3
Part No.3 of an amazing ballkicking session with mistress peel! She walks like a supermodel in her high-heels - but she kicks his balls like a soccerstar...some of her kicks a to strong for him - so he has to give up....!
peel 024 AVI - " Balls in Danger " - vol4
The last part of a cruel ballkicking session with mistress Peel - watch her while she finishes him - her eyes are made for P.O.V. femdom - she looks so supercilious !! Great femdom bdsm fetish with an outstanding german mistress.
"Balls in Danger" - all the 4 parts
Mistress Peel & nameless guy
12 minutes runningtime
4 parts - 38, 39, 40 & 44 MB download files
Femdom - Humiliation - Heels Fetish - Ballbusting  Cbt