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Fetish doll de luxe kicks balls of her slave - cruel femdom P.O.V. clip posted by KILLERKICKS

Nc mpg 427 - Fetish Doll - " Ready for Ballkicking " - vol.1
Watch this incredible german blonde mistress in this brutal ballkicking P.O.V. clip !! She has sooo much fun when fetish doll kicks his balls with her nacked feets - ballkicking them with her pretty bare feet until he goes down...Her is the first of two parts of the "ready for ballkicking?" session. 
Nc mpg 428 - Fetish Doll - " Ready for Ballkicking " - vol.2
Absolute painful ballkicking stuff !!! Fetish Doll gives him a very, very bad lesson in ballkicking in this part - first he had to stand in front of her and she kicks his groin - later he's laying on the floor and she kicks his nuts "full force" with the fetish doll style - what a merciless fetish doll... 
Categories; Ballkicking - Foot Domination - Femdom - Cbt Bdsm - Fetish Doll

Killerkicks ballkicking mistress janina kicks the shit out of a helpless guy !! Watch this sexy & brutal ballkicking clip with the goddess janina from the KILLERKICKS project !

Mistress Janina 064 - " I will Kill your Balls " - vol.1
The clip-name is programm, The ballkicking goddess mistress janina loves to destroy your balls with hard killerkicks and her sweet merciless feets.... Here's part No.1 - Mistress Janina gives a real hot & painful lesson in killerkicks ballkicking today - her kicks are real strong - couples of knees and kicks to his balls in this first part - what a bad ballkicking killerkicks babe...!
Categories: Ballkicking - Ball Destruction -Painful Lesson - Killerkicks Goddess

Female Fighting Clip with Goddess Tracy - lots of headscissors and femdom scenes in this amazing female fighting fetish clip by Killerkicks !!

Fight Chicks - 034 " No chance " - fullvers.
Female Fighterin Tracy in a amazing female fighting session in Killerkicks style and a poor guy who realy has to fight for air !! Female Fighterin Tracy scissors him with lots of cruel fetish female fighting technics - her female fighting style is brutal !! He has no chance ... Watch Female Fighterin Tracy finish her victim with "breathtaking" headscissors - he's fixed between her never ending & powerful legs !! Watch this cruel goddess in female fighting action !!
Categories: Female Fighting - Blond Amazone - Foot Fetish - Femdom - Killerkicks Fetish


The Goddess of ballkicking "Mistress Janina" in foot domination & femdom clip !! Hardcore femdom & CBT clip KILLERKICKS !!

Mistress Janina Avi 99 " Killerqueen " Part1
Part No.1 of the "killerqueen" - our hot dressed ballkicking babe Mistress Janina in an
extreme ballkicking session with her poor slave - her kicks are real painful and she loves to hurt men so much....she's a killerqueen !

Mistress Janina Avi 100 " Killerqueen " Part2
The second part of an amazing ballkicking session with Mistress Janina - watch
Janina's sadistic kicking skills - she loves to break balls !!

Mistress Janina Avi 101 "Killerqueen " Part3
Part No.3 of the "killerqueen" and it's a fantastic one - how can a woman look so sexy when she's kicking balls ?? Mistress Janina is made for ballkicking....

JaniAvi102 Killerqueen Part4
What a brutal ballkicking session - here is the 4th part of the "killerqueen" session - Mistress Janina shows her perfect kicking skills to us - breathtaking stuff...!! 

Mistress Alicia gives shocking brutal lesson in ballbusting to her slave !! Watch this cruel goddess kicking the shit out of some helpless nuts and bring pain!!

Nc 0417 - Ballbuster Alicia - " I 'll finish your Balls " - vol.1
The first part of an ultra brutal ball busting session with Ballbuster Alicia - The Mistress gives a bad lesson in ball busting,foot domination and femdom - Brutal & merciless ball busting femdom stuff !! 
Nc 0418 - Ballbuster Alicia - " I'll finish your balls " - vol.2
What a merciless killerkicks ball busting Mistress! Her kicks are so strong and painful - he wants her to stop kicking but she wants to finish his balls with her killerkicks ball busting style today...what a bad lesson for him! -- that's what we call extreme ball busting stuff !! 
Categories: Ball Busting - Foot Domination - Femdom - Fetish - Cbt Bdsm


The hot Legs of Ballkicking Goddess Janina - they are made to kick a guy in the nuts !! Brutal Ballkicking clip by KILLERKICKS !!

Nc 0405 - Mistress Janina - " Painful Feelings " - vol.1
This is a clip about "painful feelings"...the mistress kicking, punching, kneeing  - there are so much different ways to torture balls - Mistress Janina knows all of them....here's the first part of a
brutal lesson in ballkicking, foot domination and ball destruction... 
 Nc 0406 - Mistress Janina " Painful Feelings " - vol.2
The show must go on...Ballkicking by Mistress Janina the Ballkicking Goddess and her never ending legs - that's real brutal ballkicking stuff - watch this killerkicks goddess in brutal foot domination & ballkicking action !! 
Categories: Ballkicking Goddess - Foot Domination - Femdom - Fetish Mistress


Brutal ball stomping & ballkicking clip with sadistic mistress betty !! Foot domination, Femdom, Cbt and more Fetishe in only one Clip !! REAL hard balltorture by killerkicks!!!

Nc mpg 346 - Mistress Betty - " Kick him Flat " ! Vol.1
What a brutal foot domination & ball busting session with a real Sadistic & Pervers Mistress !!! Mistress Betty gives a very painful lesson to her victim - looks like she wants to castrate him with her cruel foot domination & brutal killerkicks ball busting skills...she shows NO mercy and kicks with all her power, thats are painful and brutal ballkicking !!!! Absolute EXTREME and SHOCKING ballkicking stuff !! How can there be a second part ???? 
Nc mpg 347 - Mistress Betty " Kick him flat "! vol.2
The second part of an ultra cruel ballkicking & ball destruction session with Mistress Betty - first she stomps and tramples his nuts with her full weight - then she orders him to spread his legs again and finishes him with some painful ballkicks from behind...extreme brutal ballkicking stuff with Mistress Betty
Categories: Ballkicking - Sadistic Mistress - Femdom - Cbt Bdsm - Fetish

The ballbusting dungeon !! Mistress Janina kicks the cum out of some balls !!! Extreme painful lesson in femdom by cruel german mistress !!

Mistress Janina 034 - " In Trouble " - vol.1
And here is a new ballbusting session with goddess Mistress Janina - in this first part she wears high-heels and shows her breathtaking body to the cam - after this first erotic moments she starts a merciless and painful ballbusting - she knees his balls until he's on the ground... 
Mistress Janina 035 - " in trouble " - vol.2
The second part of "in trouble" - Mistress Janina starts the second round with barefeet ballbusting - some of her kicks are to strong for him - oups - can't take it anymore...? The Mistress is an absolute perfect ballbusting queen - brutal & sexy femdom stuff
 Mistress Janina 036 - " in trouble " - vol.3
The third and last part of the "in trouble" session with Mistress Janina - Her slave is in supmission and wants her to stop - but she wants to give him a few more kicks to his nuts - now he knows that it's a bad mistake to have trouble with her hot & powerful legs! 

Female Fighting Clip in P.O.V. : I'will finish you " Killerkicks German Femdom

Fight Chicks mpg 22  " I'll finish you " - vol.1
What a nice outfit for a beat-up by a hot female fighter!! Here's part No.1 of a brandnew female fighting clip with "Kickboxing Kathy" and she wears a black miniskirt...watch her doing her warm-up followed by some hard kicking attacks - hot P.O.V. killerkicks female fighting stuff !! 
Fight chicks mpg 23  " I'll finish you " - vol.2
What an asskicking supergirl & female fighting in p.o.v. l! She kicks the hell out of him - she's so cruel and powerful - but she looks hot & sexy in every second !! Watch this young german killerkicks 
female fighter bustin' your mind out in P.O.V. female fighting style !! 
Fight chicks wmv 24 " I'll finish you " - vol.3
Watch this hot german fury bustin' your mind out !!! She's a damn hot female fighter who knows how to defend herself....Lots of great kicks to your face in P.O.V. female fighting style !! 
Fight chicks 25 wmv " I'll finish you " - vol.4
Wanna give up ?? No chance - she loves to DESTROY her victim - watch her giving the next couple of hard kicks to you !! She gives a damn hard lesson to you !!! Killerkicks P.O.V. Female Fighting Clip
Fight chicks 26 wmv " I'll finish you " - vol.5
And here is the last part of this breathtaking beat-up in P.O.V. ! Watch this powerful & young fighter finishing a victim with her pretty feet and killerkicks p.o.v.  female fighting.... 
Categories: Female Fighting - P.O.V. - Foot Domination - Killerkicks Female Fighter


Violent mistress castrates guy with her bare feet !!! Eytreme ball busting video posted by KILLERKICKS !!

Ballbusting Devil mpg 314 " Fight your Balls " !! Compl.
How much ballkicking a guy can stand ? ... This is the first part of a real brutal ballkicking session called "fight your balls" - the title says it all.... ...looks like she castrates him with her bare feet !!! Watch her kicking his brain out - couples of strongest kicks for her victim... The complete version of "fight your balls" in one clip - 12 minutes of extreme ballbusting & castrates - watch the "ballbusting devil" in
hardcore ballkicking & castrates action - what a cute and merciless ballkicker !!! 

"Hot dressed ballbuster" - Mistress Janina in shocking ballbusting clip - lots of hard kicks by a cruel goddess !!

Jani094 - hot dressed ballbuster - vol.1
This is the first part of a wonderful ballkicking session with a very, very hot dressed Mistress....Janina is a ballbustingdream - dressed in black stockings and high-heels - that's the perfect outfit for a brutal ballbusting afternoon! 
Jani095 - hot dressed ballbuster - vol.2
Part No.2 - watch mistress Janina's wonderful legs in painful ballbusting action! 
Jani096 - hot dressed ballbuster - vol.3
And here comes the last part of the "hot dressed ballbuster" - Janina put her shoes and stockings off and starts a brutal barefeet ballkicking - she kicks the hell out of him!


Killerkicks Extreme Femdom with the Ballbusting Devil! In a Cheerleader dress gives the Mistress a Painful lesson in Foot Domination & Ballkicking. Cruel German Femdom

Nc 0349 - Ballbusting Devil - " That Hurts vol.2 "
And the femdom ball torture goes in the next round and is never stoping extreme femdom & extreme brutal killerkicks femdom ball torture for her victim and his dirty balls - Ballbusting Devil shows some of her kickboxing & karate killerkicks skills to his victim & his nuts - what a cruel & merciless killerkicks mistress ballkicker !!!
Categories: Ballkicking - Ballbusting - Extreme - Foot Domination - Femdom - Fetish - Bdsm - Mistress


Free ballbusting clip on depositfiles posted !! Watch mistress Betty kicking the hell out of a slave ! Absolute hot & brutal ballbusting from KILLERKICKS !

We have just posted a new free fetish clip from the killerkicks babes for our friends on depositfiles ! Click the link and you can download mistress betty in a heavy femdom clip for free !
Categories: Ballbusting - Femdom - Fetish - Bdsm - Foot Domination


The Mistress Ball Busting Devil in Extreme Femdom Balltorture !! " Princess of Ball Busting " is German Femdom Video with a German Mistress !! Cruel & Painful

Nc mpg 644 - Ballbusting Devil - " Princess of Ball Busting " - fullvers
Watch the "princess of ball busting" in this ultrabrutal ballkicking clip ith the ballbusting devil !!
The mistress gives couples of hardest killerkicks to her victim and his balls, painful - first the mistress uses her high-heels and knees - later  gives the mistress him a lesson in full-force femdom ball busting lesson with her bare feet... what a breathtaking ballkicking ball torture clip !!!
Extreme German Femdom !!
Categories: Ballbusting - Femdom - Foot  Domination - Bdsm - Foot Fetish - Mistress

The Killerkicks Ballbusting Bane of this Year is: Mistress Janina the Ballbusting Goddess and the Longest Legs in the Net !! Extreme Sexy !!

1000's of mails can't be wrong !! SHE'S THE ONE !!! Watch this young german mistress kicking the balls out of her victims !! She's soooo fucking hot and sooooo fucking cruel !! Her femdom style is amazing - get a taste of this pretty sadist and visit her page by clicking the picture !!


Killerkicks Mistress Janina tortures slave in her dungeon !! Hard femdom & ball busting scenes in a shocking KILLERKICKS production - watch goddess Janina kicking nuts !!

nc mpg 214 - Mistress Janina " Teased & busted " Vol.1 
Goddess Janina orders her ball busting slave to visit her for a breathtaking event...she teases & kicks him soooo hot and strong with her beautiful legs and dirty smile - awesome femdom stuff with a
real ball busting goddess !! 
nc mpg 215 - Mistress Janina " Teased & busted " Vol.2 
Part No.2 of this hot femdom game, Goddess Janina kicks his balls stronger and stronger until he fell down and starts to cry,this is killerkicks....but she don't care... what a hot devil !! 
nc mpg 216 - Mistress Janina " Teased & busted " Vol.3 
Part No.3 and Goddess Janina starts to use her knees for the next level in this breathtaking femdom ball busting session - some painful moments are waiting for his poor nuts... 
nc mpg 217 Mistress Janina  - " Teased & busted " Vol.4 
Part No.4 - and you can watch Goddess Janina's perfect body in brutal ball busting action - that's absolute extreme ball busting stuff and she looks great in every second...!! What a ball busting goddess in cruel femdom action
nc mpg 218 - Mistress Janina  " Teased & busted " Vol.5 
And here is the last part of "teased & busted" - watch the final moves from goddess janina in 
femdom P.O.V. style! She's a devil and she loves to hurt balls - she tramples, stomps & kicks him into submission... This is killerkicks and ball busting goddess janina.

Categories: Ball Busting - Cbt Bdsm - Foot Domination - Femdom - Fetish Goddess

Sadistic Mistress Divina dressed in Black Latex Boots gives a Painful lesson in Femdom.

Dv mpg10 - Lady Divina - " No Mercy " part 3
Oh my god! Merciless Mistress Divina in painful & sadistic ballbusting action! The Mistress kicks him into the ballbusting-heaven with hard foot domination skills (or hell??) ...he has to take couples of HARDEST killerkicks - Sadistic Mistress Divina has so much fun and kicks his balls stronger and stronger - how much femdom pain can he stand? 9 minutes of full-force ballkicking, foot domination and
killerkicks femdom with the merciless goddess Divina! This is REAL shocking femdom stuff - don't try this at home...!!!
Categories: Ballbusting - Foot Domination - Sadistic Mistress - Humiliation - The Goddess

Mistress rimms her high-heels into some poor balls !! Hardcore femdom and CBT with german ballbusting goddess !!

Mistress Janina 325 - " High-heel Ballbusting " - fullvers.
All parts of the "high-heel busting" session in one clip - that's 14 minutes of hottest ballbusting with
mistress Janina - the kicks the hell out of his balls and she looks great in every second !! She wears an ultrahot outfit - black stockings & high-heels - this pretty babe is definitly made for ballkicking clips...Watch her in cruel ballbusting P.O.V. action !! 


KILLERKICKS present: The hottest ballbusting goddess ever !! Watch a fucking hot german mistress torture the balls of a poor guy !!

jani316 - bound & busted - firsthalf
Watch Mistress Janina in a merciless P.O.V. ballbusting session! This is half one of "bound & busted" - she wears a superhot white outfit & black fishnet-stockings and kicks his bound balls with a smile on her face...What a breathtaking ballbusting session - she has his balls on a line and kicks them without any mercy !! Janina tramples, stomps & tortures his balls with her boots - then she takes a seat on his bound nuts... jani316 - bound & busted - firsthalf 
jani317 - bound & busted - secondhalf
Here is the second half of "Bound & Busted" and she gives a lesson in cruel ball trampling !! There are so many ways to trample some nuts - and Janina knows them all !! Breathtaking views of her fantastic body and many different CBT technics in this second round ! Watch Janina finishing his bound and swollen balls in this brutal ball torture session ! Balltrampling with stockings and bare feet & some real hard ballkicks at hte end...She's a devil !!! 


Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes & Fetish Videos Homepage ! Here you will find profiles of the ballbusting babes and lots of free fetish stuff !!

Foot Domination, Trampling & real Sexy Foot Fetish with Mistress Janina, Killerkicks Goddess.

nc 0740 - Mistress Janina - " Feel me ! " fullversion 
Here the full version of "Feel me" - a legendary footfetish video with the sexyst feets & legs ever! You can watch the Foot Fetish Queen Mistress Janina with how she educates a slave... He may kiss her feet and clean them,then she love footfetish. Then she sits down on his head and strangles his neck with her pretty feet! Mistress Janina is a foot fetish & foot domination goddess - her legs, her arse - this Mistress is a fetish dream!! Who would not like to be degraded by her? 20 minutes of pure Foot Domination,
Foot Fetish, Trampling & Facesitting material by killerkicks! ---XXXXX--- Hier ist Vollversion von "Feel me" - ein legendäres Fussfetisch Video ! Ihr könnt Mistree Janina dabei zusehen, wie sie einen Sklaven erzieht...Er darf ihre Füsse küssen und sie sauber machen. Dann setzt sie sich auf seinen Kopf und würgt seinen Hals mit ihren hübschen füssen ! Janina ist ein Fetisch Göttin - ihre Beine, ihr Arsch - diese Frau ist einfach unglaublich heiss !! Wer möchte nicht von ihr erniedrigt werden ? 20 Minuten pures Footdomination, Trampling & Facesitting Material ! ---XXXXX--- Здесь полная версия "Feel me" - легендарный ножной фетиш - это видео! �'ы могли бы смотреть на Янину при том, как она воспитывает раба... Он может целовать ее ноги и убирать их. Тогда она садится на его голову и душит его шею ее красивыми ногами! Янина - это фетиш богиню - ее ноги, ее задница - эта женщина просто невероятно горяча!! Кто не хотел унижаться ею? 20 минут чистого Footdomination, Trampling & Facesitting материал! ---XXXXX--- Ici une pleine version de "Feel me" - un fétiche de pied légendaire est le vidéo! Vous pouvez regarder Janina, comment elle élève un esclave... Il peut embrasser ses pieds et les rendre propres. Alors elle se met sur sa tête et étrangle son cou de ses pieds jolis! Janina est un fétiche la déesse - ses jambes, leur cul - cette femme est chaud simplement incroyablement!! Qui ne voudrait pas être humilié par elle ? 20 minutes de pur Footdomination, Trampling & Facesitting le matériel! ---XXXXX--- ¡Aquí la versión llena de "Feel me" - un fetiche de pie legendario es el vídeo! Podéis mirar Janina cómo ella educa a un esclavo... Él puede besar sus pies y hacer limpias. ¡Luego ella se sienta su cabeza y ahoga su cuello de sus pies bonitos! ¡Janina es un fetiche la diosa - sus piernas, su culo - esta mujer es simplemente de una manera increíble caliente!! ¿Quién no quisiera ser rebajado por ella? ¡20 minutos de Footdomination puro, Trampling & Facesitting el material!

Categories: Foot Domination - Foot Fetish - Trampling - Facesitting - Killerkicks Mistress

Killerkicks Female Fighting Chicks Clip " Beat up for Santa Claus " German Femdom

Fight Chicks mpg20 " Beat-up for santa claus " - firsthalf
What a killerkicks female fighting & domination clip !! Hot Tracy present the first half of the "beat-up for santa claus" - Female Fighter Tracy is waiting for her chrismas presents at the gym. Santa claus brings them for her and she starts to get angry (because the presents are not good enough...) - she punches and kicks this poor Santa - what a bad female fighting & domination lesson... Watch Tracy in this incredible female fighting & domination clip - she looks great and she's a real devil... 
Fighting Chicks mpg21 - " Beat-up for santa claus " - secondhalf
Santa Claus wants to have a revenge and killerkicks female fighter tracy is ready!! He comes back to the ring and is properly beaten up by Tracy again! She laughs at him and works on him with kicks and Punches, this is killerkicks female fighting baby. This amazon knows how to defend herself and domination this poor guy very bad with lots of painful wrestling and boxing techics. 
Killerkicks Female Fighting!! More fetishe and mistresses find you her:
Killerkicks ballbusting babes homepage
Categorie: Female Fighting - Femdom - Fetish - Kickboxing - Wrestling - Domination

Domatrix shows her perfect boobs and gives a bad foot domination lesson !!! Cruel femdom ballkicking clip posted by KILLERKICKS !!

nc 0211 - Mistress Betty - " I'll show you !! " Vol.1 
A crazy guy asks Mistress Betty for a femdom  ballbusting session - what a bad idea man ! She sais yes and starts with some soft kicks - then he has to show his naked balls to her and she starts to give him some REAL killerkicks ballbusting lesson in diff. positions....here is part No.1 of a very bad femdom lesson.... 
nc 0212 - Mistress Betty - " I'II show you !! " Vol. 2 
Part No. 2 and Mistress Betty shows her perfect boobs to the cam while she kicks and punches the hell out of his swollen balls,this is killerkicks ballbusting femdom

Categories: Foot Domination - Femdom - Fetish - Ballbusting - Bdsm - Killerkicks Mistress


Cheerleader gives lesson in foot domination and femdom ball busting ! Watch her giving some REAL kicks between his legs - absolute shocking video posted !!

nc mpg201 - Ball Busting Devil " Brutal cheerleader " vol.1 
Oh my god...what an amazing outfit for a foot domination session...she knees and kicks his balls until he starts to cry !! Watch this sporty & cruel femdom cheerleader kicking his mind out !! Here is part No.1 of an amazing brutal foot domination lesson

Categories: Foot Domination - Femdom - Killerkicks 'Mistress - Fetish - Bdsm

Goddess Janina present " Girlpower !! " Killerkicks Femdom Ballbusting Clip in P.O.V.

Mistress Janina - 258 - " Girlpower " - first half ...
The first half of "Girlpower" - watch 13 minutes of this hot & cruel femdom mistress giving a lesson in ballbusting & balltorture !! The goddess tramples his bound nuts in many different ways...never ending legs in P.O.V. femdom action !! 
Mistress Janina - 259 - " Girlpower " - second half ...
...and here is the second half of the game ! 14 minutes of pure "Girlpower" ! Watch Mistress Janina busting his brain out - lots of hard kicks and lots of hot views - Ballbusting goddess Janina in cruel femdom action - FANTASTIC ballbusting video !!


Janina the ballbusting dream !! One of her hottest videos with lots of cruel ballkicking posted !!

Jani250 - I'll k... your balls - first half
Here's the first half of the "i'll your balls" session - Mistress Janina gives a real hot & painful lesson in ballkicking today - her kicks are real strong - couples of knees and kicks to his poor nuts in this first half - what a bad girl...Watch her never ending legs destroying her victim

Size: 61 MB
Format: WMV

Jani251 - I'll k... your balls - second half
Watch her giving him the rest in this breathtaking 2th half !! Janina is an expert in ballbusting & CBT - she knows how to kick his swollen balls real bad...!

Size: 65 MB
Format: WMV
Category: CBT

Extreme ballbusting clip posted !! 2 german mistresses castating guy with their pretty bare feet !!! Absolute shocking femdom video from the KILLERKICKS productions !!

You are intressed in REAL CRUEL ballbusting & CBT ?? Then you will love this clip ! Watch 2 mistresses kicking the fuck out of some balls !! Real hard kicking scenes - absolute shocking brutality in this clip !! Not for beginners...!! 

Length: 6 minutes
Size: 66 MB
Format: WMV


The Ball Busting Devil gives Killerkicks in the Slut Balls...SHOCKING ball destruction scenes in this video !

nc mpg 174 - Ball Busting Devil in " Can you take it "? - Vol3 
Her is the last part of " Can you take it " an extreme cruel ball busting session with the ball busting devil a real hard killerkicker  ! She kicks the hell out of his swollen nuts with her barfoot feets !! This is what we call Extreme femdom & foot domination !! Some of those kicks are real shocking & killerkicks !

Categorie: Extreme - Femdom - Foot Domination - Ball Busting - Killerkicks

Lick the Feet of Mistress Janin !! Hot Femdom Video with lots of Footfetish scenes by Killerkicks!

Mistress Janina 262 - " Legs of Heaven " - first half...
What a Killerkicks Goddess !!! Mistress Janina in a fantastic femdom & foot domination clip !Mistress Janina  gives a hot lesson in foot domination with high heels and barfoot to her slave. First she tortures his nipples and whips his ass - then she orders him to lick & worship her wonderful legs &
sweet feets - absolute amazing killerkicks femdom stuff !! 

Mistress Janina 263 - " Legs of Heaven " - second half !
...and now the second half of this ultrahot foot domination session - he has to lick and whorship her feets,legs and Mistress Janina the Goddess. 

Categories: Foot Domination - Footfetish - Worship - Killerkicks Femdom