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Shocking ballbusting clip with real hot mistress kicking the nuts of a helpless guy !! Amazing Babe with never ending legs in brutal femdom action !! Posted by KILLERKICKS !

Killerkicks fullmovie - "Legs of Destruction !" Actor: Ballbusting Goddess Janina

 What a great title for this clip! Ballbusting Goddess Janina's legs and a pair of balls in the lead roles in the drama! The mistress wears high heels and a bright yellow mini-skirt - the total femdom fetish dream! 20 minutes can be an eternity if you will be constantly killerkicks kicked in the balls! After the first really hard kicking the poor guy can barely stand up straight - a little later he's down and Janina continues the lesson. Although his hands protectively holds the testicles - he has no chance ... Janina scores a hit after the other .... Brutal Ballbusting with a beautiful German femdom dominatrix - Watch out for those legs! These are the legs of a goddess ....Killerkicks German Femdom Clips and Videos
 "Legs of Destruction"
Format: Wmv - Avi - Mpg
Size:272mb - Run time: 22min

Full Force Ballkicking !! Asian mistress kicks the hll out of a poor guy - lots of hardest kicks between his legs - shocking femdom video from the KILLERKICKS ballbusting project !!

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "Swollen balls !" with: Ballbusting Devil 

 The ballbusting devil gives a shocking Ballkicking session and lesson. The young cheerleader knows no mercy, kicking with full force! It's hard to believe how brutal this young lady is! Her feet slowly destroying his testicles - Step by step ... Absolutely extreme clip with hundreds of steps - always with full force - always in the nuts! This dominatrix knows how to do it ...
"Swollen Balls"
Format: All
Size:231mb - Run time:19min

"Ballbust the Buglar" - Hot cheerleader beatup a burglar with lots of hard kicks in his balls !! Absolute extreme ballbusting clip - posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !!

What a bad idea! This burglar got into the wrong house .... He finds a young woman sleeping in her bed. He starts to touch her ​​ass - WHAT A MISTAKE! The ballbusting devil wakes up and gives him a severe lesson! The burglar is thrown on the bed - and his balls are kicked with full force killerkicks, extreme ballbust! Again and again we hear it clapping - her feet slowly destroying his manhood. His screams, no one seems to hear .... Extremely brutal ballbusting session - the balls expected to be flat ...

 "Ballbust the Buglar"
 Actor: Ballbusting Devil - Format: All
Size: 81mb - Run time: 6min
Categories: Ball Busting - Ballbust - German Femdom - Bdsm - Foot Domination
Killerkicks Ball Busting Babes


Killerkicks Ballbusting Fetish Clip: "Janinas Balldestruction" Goddess of Femdom !!

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "Janina's balldestruction !"
 This clip is one of the hottest Ballbusting Fetish clips of all time! Goddess Janina looks stunning! She wears a mini dress and high heels in Army style - incredibly sexy! This woman is made ​​for fetish movies! 20 minutes of pure ballbusting - with shoes, knees and feet - always in the nuts! During the session, Goddess Janina moves her body like an erotic dancer - and drives the poor guy crazy. Extreme hot pictures of Janina's perfect body - and extremely brutal killerkicks to the testicles - a fascinating combination, right? Here is the full version of this legendary session with the goddess of ballbusting fetish !
 "Janina's Ball Destruction"
Format: All
Size: 256mb - Run time: 22min


Mistress in black stokings and shiny boots kicks balls of a helpless slave !! Violent femdom with KILLERKICKS Goddess Janina !

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "You want me ?"
 What brutal for a goddess! Lady Janina has the balls of her slave on a leash - and uses the fixed nuts to play football! Janina is wearing black lingerie and black boots - would be an absolute dream! But for this poor man Janina is a nightmare! She tortures him with many hard kicks to the testicles. She moves like a gogo dancer. Her amazing ass circles over his head while he screams in pain ... Incredible scenes with an extremely kinky dominatrix who knows how to crack nuts ... Here is the full version of
"You want me?" 
Actor: Mistress Janina 
Size: 253mb - Run time: 253mb

Goddess of female domination humiliates lucky slave with facesitting and lots of footfetish !! This mistress is so fucking hot - check out this amazing KILLERKICKS Video !!

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "Dreaming !!" 

This slave has drawn the jackpot! Mistress Janina in an intense foot fetish, trampling and facesitting session! Her slave lies on the bed and can not believe it! Janina comes into bed with him - and turns on his body ... "lick my feet you little !" - The lady puts her feet deep in his throat! She stands on his neck - sits down on his head and he gasps for air! Janina dominates her slaves in every trick in the book! It's incredible how she lolls on his  body - this young goddess is pure sin .... Here is the full version of
Actor: Mistress Janina
Size: 189mb - Run time: 15min


Asian Karate Babe dressed in white socks and miniskirt gives lesson in ballbusting !! Shocking hard femdom with lots of violent kicks to the balls !! Posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !!

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "That Hurts !!!"
An Asian karate fighter teaches a lesson in ballbusting! This brutal lady knows no mercy and destroys her victim with extremely hard kicks between the legs! She wears a mini dress and white socks - more fetish outfit's impossible! Watches how his balls will be flattened ... Here is the full version of "That Hurts" - a descriptive title for this clip ....
Actor: Ballbusting Devil
Size: 132mb - Run time: 11min


Female domination clip with lots of hard ballbusting scenes !! A real nightmare for every man ! German mistress kicks some nuts until they went blue.... Shocking stuff from the KILLERKICKS femdom page !

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "The Killerdominatrix"
 This German dominatrix is the devil himself! In this extremely violent video she shows you her CBT skills! Lady Divina has invited her slave for a Ball Torture Session ... The mistress ties off his testicles and starts to torment the poor nuts! She caresses his balls with fondue forks - he does not dare to breathe! Then she starts to kick him in the balls with full force! She has fixed his testicles on a line - "There is no escape ... You little asshole!" Divina shows her evil side and her victim begs for mercy ... Pointless - she knows absolutely NO mercy - and kicks on and on! Shocking Femdom Scenes with Lady Divina in a truly brutal film - "the KILLERDOMATRIX" - here is the original full version!
Actor: Lady Divina
Size: 354mb - Run time: 30min 

 Diese deutsche Domina ist der Teufel persönlich !! In diesem extrem brutalen Video zeigt sie Euch ihre CBT Künste ! Lady Divina hat ihren Sklaven für eine Hodenfolter Session eingeladen... Herrin bindet seine Hoden ab und fängt an, armen Nüsse zu quälen ! Sie streichelt seine Hoden mit Fonduegabeln - er wagt nicht zu atmen ! Dann fängt sie an, ihm mit voller Wucht in Eier zu treten !! Dabei hat sie seine Hoden an einer Leine befestigt - "Es gibt kein Entkommen Du kleines Arschloch...!" Divina zeigt ihre teuflische Seite und ihr Opfer fleht um Gnade ... Zwecklos - sie kennt absolut KEINE Gnade - und kickt immer weiter !!! Schockierende Femdom Szenen mit Lady Divina in einem echt brutalen Film - "the KILLERDOMATRIX" - hier ist originale Vollversion !

Esta dominación alemana es el mismo diablo! En este video extremadamente violento que le muestra sus habilidades de TCC! Señora Divina ha invitado a sus esclavos para una sesión de tortura bola ... La señora ata los testículos y comienza a atormentar a los pobres las tuercas! Ella acaricia sus testículos con tenedores de fondue - no se atreve a respirar! Entonces ella empieza a darle una patada en las pelotas con toda su fuerza! Ella ha asegurado sus testículos en una línea - "No hay escapatoria ... Tú, pequeño idiota!" Divina muestra su lado malo y su víctima pide clemencia ... No tiene sentido - que sabe absolutamente ninguna misericordia - y golpea una y otra vez! Imágenes que puedan herir Dominantes con Lady Divina en una película verdaderamente brutal - "el KILLERDOMATRIX" - aquí está la versión original completa!

このドイツの支配は、悪魔自身です!この非常に暴力的なビデオで、彼女はあなたに彼女のCBTのスキル�'示しています!レディヴィナボールの拷問セッ ションの彼らの奴隷�'招待しました。...愛人は、彼の睾丸�'オフに結びつけると貧しいナット�'苦しめるように始まります!彼女は、フォンデュ フォークで自分のボール�'愛�'�する - 彼は息�'する勇気はありません!それから彼女は完全な力でボールの中で彼�'キックスタート!彼女はラインに彼の睾丸�'確保しています - "はエスケープはありません...あなたは少し嫌い!"神は彼女の邪悪な側面�'示しており、彼らの犠牲者は慈悲�'懇願する...無意味な - 彼女は全く慈悲�'知らない - と延々とキック!本当に残忍な映画の中でレディヴィナと衝�'�的な女王様の風景 - "KILLERDOMATRIX" - ここにオリジナルのフルバージョンです!

Asian mistress kicks the hell out of some balls !! Extreme violent ballbusting clip posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !

Killerkicks - fullmovie - "Extreme Ballkicking !"
It is the sheer horror trip! This film has no pain threshold! Devils Ballkicking in the full version of an incredibly brutal lesson. An Asian dominatrix castrated a man with hundreds of hard kicks in the balls! First with high heels - then with her ​​bare feet. Again and again, her legs crashing full force between his legs - breathtaking scenes - and an extremely brutal dominatrix has her fun! This is one of the hardest films from our productions - please do not imitate at home - that can have serious consequences!
"Extreme Ballkicking"
Actor: Ballbusting Devil
Size: 252mb - Run time: 21min


Ballbusting clip from the KILLERKICKS page !! German Supermodel tortures the balls of a poor guy !! Many hard ballkicks in this shocking femdom clip !

Killerkicks Dominatrix - fullmovie - "I'll show you !"
What a beautiful dominatrix! Mistress Betty is a real superwoman - her big tits are are extremely sexy and her beautiful face a real eye-catcher! This lady is also an expert on Ballbusting! In this film she shows all her nasty Ballbusting techniques. To kick a guy in the balls is not difficult - but if it should look cool, it's an art! And Dominatrix Betty is a true artist! Hundreds of evil killerkicks in the balls - with high heels or barefoot - she really makes it! Here's the full version of "I'll show you!" - a real brutal and shocking Ballbusting clip! 
"I'll Show you"
Actor:  Mistress Betty 
Size: 227 - Run time: 18min

Killerkicks German Femdom


Goddess Janina dressed in High Heels gives a lesson in sexy and hard Foot Domination.

Killerkicks German Femdom - fullmovie - "Behind the balls !"
Goddess janina in bound high heels and yellow dress give a lesson in testicle ballbusting with her feets- filmed from a very special camera angle! Countless hard kicks between the legs - testes should be destroyed slowly but surely ... A fetish goddess at work!
 "Behind the Balls"
Actor:  Mistress Janina 
Size: 76mb - Run time: 6min 

Extreme Ballbusting and Trampling Humiliation by Lady Divina the Goddess

"Under Lady Divina !" part 5 - Killerkicks Humiliation - mpg 55 
If you thought that it can not get any worse, has been wrong ... Lady Divina forces her slave to a Ballbusting Humiliation session! "Legs spread, now I'm flat your nuts!" Lady Divina kicking him full force between the legs - what a brutal demonstration of power and painful killerkicks ballbusting humiliation ! She has no mercy and continues until he is crying ... Incredibly brutal - this woman is the devil!

Killerkicks Ballbusting - mpg56 - "Under Lady Divina !" part 6
Here is the final part of "Under Lady Divina" - and it's a really tough final! Divina can not get enough ... It has fixed ropes on the nipples of the slaves! She repeatedly kicks him between the legs - with full force - until he pukes ... Divina jumps on his stomach and let the poor guy feel her full weight! This lady has real fun to torture him ... At the end she kicks him in the nuts again - he doubles over in pain - and Divina sits down on him. What a humiliation for this poor helpless man! Extreme Ballbusting

Goddess Janinas German Femdom Clip: " Ballbusting Fantasy " by Killerkicks

Killerkicks Femdom Goddess Janina - Fullmovie - " Ballbusting fantasy  "

This is the perfect outfit for a really intense Femdom Ballbusting session! ! Goddess Janina is wearing a mini dress and black boots - she looks absolutely breathtaking! Her slave should feel Janinas boots between his legs! She repeatedly kicks him in the balls! She gives him her knees and killerkicks until he goes to the ground, extreme torture. Then it is only the beginning ... Janina looks deep into his eyes - and kicks repeatedly in his testicles! Incredibly brutal scenes with one of the most beautiful mistresses on the web! Here is the full version of the "Ballbusting Fantasy" Killerkicks German Femdom

"Her legs made for Ball Busting" Testicle torture & trampling with nasty asian mistress - she kicks his balls flat !!

" Her legs are made for Ballbusting  "  - Killerkicks fullmovie
These legs are made ​​for ballbusting! Here is the full version of "Her legs are made for ballbusting" - an absolute extreme testicle torture session! This Asian lady knows no mercy - first with high heels - then barefoot. Again and again and it kicks your testicles squeezed - until you have enough! Then she takes a shower ... Freaky Femdomfilm, which was filmed from the first-person perspective - a really intense experience! Killerkicks German Femdom and Testicle torture by devil


Violent femdom movie posted !! Two cruel german mistresses kicking balls of a very poor guy !! Watch them destroying those helpless nuts clip "Finish him"

Nc fullmovie - " Finish him " !! 

The film's title says it all ... "Finish him!" - The full version. In this extremely brutal fetish clip a pair of testicles will be destroyed! These two German femdom mistresses understand no fun! The mistresses torture their victim with hundreds of killerkicks - always in the nuts! Unbelievable - how merciless! You do not want to share with this poor guy - he will have no sex for a long time.
Visit mistress betty and her girlfriend. Categories: Ballbusting Clip - German Femdom - Bdsm - Fetish

Killerkicks Mistress Janina - the cruel Supermodel !! Watch this beauty bustin' some balls in P.O.V. !! Hardcore ballbusting clip posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !

Ballkicking Janina - HQ 220 - " Cruel Supermodel " part 1
Here is the first part of " Cruel Supermodel " . An FPS clip - with a wonderful opponent! Goddess Janina makes you hot - her body is incredible! Then she starts to kick in your balls! Again and again. In between Janina looks deep into your eyes .... What a devilish woman!

Ballkicking Janina HQ221 - " Cruel Supermodel " part 2
And on we go! Goddess Janina rams her knees into his testicles! With full force - She knows no mercy ... Violent attacks - until he falls to the ground! There is his place ... Here is the second part of this brutal ballbusting lesson with Mistress Janina!
Ballkicking Janina HQ222 - " Cruel Supermodel " part 3
"Look into my eyes, !" Again and again, hard kicks in the balls. Interspersed with these incredibly sexy moments! Goddess Janina knows exactly what makes you horny! She leaves her incredibly beautiful ass circle over the camera - then she kicks you again in the nuts. Always alternately. Until you're mad with excitement and pain ... This German femdom babe is a real expert on the topic " Ballbusting "!
Killerkicks German Femdom and Ballbusting

Shoking Ballbusting Egoshooter !! Watch a young asian Lady kicking the hell out of some balls !! Absolute extreme german femdom clip from the KILLERKICKS crew !

Killerkicks German Femdom - fullmovie - " The Body ! "

Here is the full version of " The Body " - an extremely brutal ballbusting clip! With a merciless mistress who loves to torment men ... ! This blend of erotic moments and extremely hard german femdom scenes is incredible. This lady has a beautiful body - slim legs and beautiful feet. But ballbusting devil is a SADIST! Many hard killerkicks - in the nuts! Again and again - until they are blue! And all this from first-person perspective .... This is Not for wimps! Categories: Brutal Ballbusting - Ballkicking - Foot Domination - Humiliation - German Femdom
Killerkicks German Femdom Ball Busting


Extreme Killerkicks Ballbusting " Boots vs. Balls " with German Femdom Mistress Divina, Sadistic Humiliation.

Nc fullmovie - German Femdom Ballbusting - " Boots vs Balls !!  "
"Boots vs Balls" - killerkicks german femdom & ballbusting clip ... Lady Divina has found a fearless sparring partner! He's pretty brave ... Today is " Ballbusting " trained! Lady Divina has put their new boots - she wears a tight latex suit! What a fetish goddess! At first she jerks his dick - she wants to see it full size! After a few moments, he is excited enough. Lady Divina begins to kick him in the balls with full force! He winces and whines - and his killerkicks german femdom mistress shows no mercy. Again and again she hits his balls - with boots really painful! In the end, he squats on the ground - moans and begs for mercy ... Divina gets behind him - and kicks him with full force into the swollen testicles! It was the last step .... Here is the full version of " Boots vs Balls " ballbusting clip - hard and shocking clip with an extremely brutal Killerkicks German femdom mistress!


Extreme ballbusting & ballstomping clip with german mistress !! Sadistic balldestruction scenes - shocking femdom posted by KILLERKICKS !!

Nc fullmovie - " Kick them flat ! "
The most brutal ballbusting movie we have ever made! Betty is a devil - she LOVES Ball Torture - preferably really hard - until the man starts to cry! In this shocking clip Betty destroys a few helpless testicles. At first she kicks with full force into his nuts. From the front and from behind ... Again and again - we will be stunned by watching! Incredibly hard kicks - always full into the target ... In the end, the poor guy lay on his stomach. Now starts the second sequence. Mistress Betty tramples with her ​​full weight on his balls! Countless times she kicks with all her strength - we were really scared when filming this scene - it looked as though his testicles explode .... ! He suffered severe pain. And Lady Betty has fun ....
Killerkicks Ballbusting Babes


Female Fighting & Fighter gives lesson in kickboxing !! Watch her kicking your face with her pretty feet !! Hot & violent clip posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !

Killerkicks Female Fighting fullmovie - " Brutal Bikinibabe  "
This killerkicks femal fighter is a merciless female fighting bikini babe! Female fighter kathy looks so cute - but beware - this babe is extremely dangerous! See how she does her stretching - with many close-ups of her legs and feet. After a few sexy moments we go! She begins to use her feet as weapons ... Again and again she attacked you with a variety of kicks! High kicks, low kicks and roundhouse kicks - she's a pro & killerkicks female fighting babe! Countless times she kicks with full force against your face! An incredible combination of beauty and brutality - somehow sexy - but also scary .... Here is the full version of female fighter kathy  " Brutal Bikinibabe "!

Killerkicks ballbusting at the Dungeon !! Cruel mistress torture the balls of a poor guy ! Lots of kicking and lots of nasty ass-shaking.... !! Great femdom clip from the KILLERKICKS crew !

Killerkicks Ballbusting Goddess Janina - " Teased & busted " - part 1
What a lady! What a body! Killerkicks Goddess Janina is a dream come true! This film was produced in her torture chamber. Janina loves the atmosphere - it smells of pain ....! The slave stands with her ​​legs spread on the cross. Everything prepared for a really brutal Ballbusting session! Janina begins slowly to abuse his testicles - with her high-heels she kicks him between the legs until he goes to the ground. In between Janina makes movements like a stripper - incredibly hot mix of eroticism and sadism! Here is the first part of "Teased & Busted"

Killerkicks Ballbusting Goddess Janina - " Teased & busted " - part 2
The second part of " teased & busted " - and it will continue unabated! Killerkicks Goddess Janina's slave has gone repeatedly to the ground. His testicles are swollen already! No reason to stop .... She kicks him again and again with full force into the eggs. Incredibly brutal! But in between she makes him horny again - her movements make him mad! He would do anything for his mistress - what a loser ...

Killerkicks Ballbusting Goddess Janina - " Teased & busted " - part 3
And here is the third part - it goes into combat! This extraordinary lady knows what to do! She clings to her victim - and rammed him the knee in the testicles! That hurts .... Again and again, the poor guy has to spread her legs - and feel his mistress ... Many close-ups of Killerkicks Goddess Janina's hot ass ...

Killerkicks Ballbusting Goddess Janina - " Teased & busted " part 4
Full power in the balls! Again and again! Killerkicks Goddess Janina uses her legs as weapons! She hits his balls with full force! This session is Not for wimps ... How long can the poor guy still cope? His nuts are already blue ...
Killerkicks Ballbusting Goddess Janina - " Teased & busted " part 5
The last part of "teased & busted" - a painful end! The film becomes a FPS - Goddess Janina is the enemy and shoot off your balls ...! Look into her eyes and you can see the pure sadism! Finally, there are plenty of hard kicks - all hits ....
Killerkicks Ballbusting

German femdom supermodel kicks in your balls !!! Extreme hot and pervert ballbusting clip with the lovely Mistress Janina !!

Killerkicks fullmovie - " Lesson in Ballkicking  "
Imagine you're a cameraman. Imagine you're photographing an extremely beautiful ballbusting model. The misress  wears only high heels and hot pants. So far so good. But then she starts to kick you in the testicles. Again and again. Harder and harder. What a dream girl! But only for ballkicking lovers ... Here is the full version of " Lesson in Ballkicking " - a truly intense Ballbusting video with many close-ups of a violent and beautiful killerkicks goddess!
 Actor: Mistress Janina


Ballbusting from behind !! Ultrabrutal ballkicking clip with sadistic humiliation babe betty - shocking scenes with broken balls at the end... posted by KILLERKICKS !!

Nc fullmovies - " Kick your brain out !!  "
This can happen when you get cocky! This guy seriously asks Mistress Betty for a ballbusting session! He must be crazy .... ! Mistress Betty is known for her sadistic nature and loves humiliation & ballbusting - her has no mercy! But if he wants it that way - he should have it ...! Mistress Betty starts first with a few soft kicks and her slowly increases the intensity! Then it will be really hard! He will spread his legs and Betty comes up behind their victim. The Mistress kicks him between the legs with the full force! When filming, we were afraid that his testicles explode! Betty is a really nice woman - but do not let her play with your balls ... Otherwise they are broken at the end!More German Femdom Humiliation


German Femdom Humiliation by Asian ballbusters - Killerkicks Fetish

Nc fullmovie - " Destroy his nuts !! "
German Femdom Humiliation with extreme brutal Asian Mistressesl! You want proof? Here it is .... ! In this merciless ballbusting movie you gasp! At first she is wearing boots - she kicks him again and again with full force between the legs! After a few minutes with really heavy hits, there is a slight pause. Ballbusting devil  takes off her boots ... Now it becomes even harder!! She repeatedly rammed her knees and feet in his balls - until he collapses with severe pain ... More Fetishe & Mistresses her.

Killerkicks German Femdom!! Ballbusting Mistress tramples, kicks and smothers her slave !! Real hot video with lots of pervert footfetish and femdom scenes !

Killerkicks Ballbusting Mistress Janina - HQ-174 - " Feel me ! " vol.1
What an incredibly beautiful and sexy young lady! Mistress Janina is a real goddess! In this hot video Janina dominates her slave with her ​​beautiful feet and her tight ass! Janina sits down on his neck until he gets shortness of breath. She pushes him off the air is with the feet. Then he has to lick her feet - she also stuffed her feet into his mouth - as far as it goes .... What a dream to be dominated by this goddess! Here is the first part of "Feel me!" German Femdom Ballbusting Clip

Killerkicks Ballbusting Mistress Janina - " Feel me ! " vol.2
"Lick my feet clean, you little fucker!" Janina is sitting on her slave and puts her feet in his mouth! He must lick each toe - until everything is clean! Yanina enjoys it very much - her feet need relaxation! His tongue has to do all the work! Here is the second part of "Feel me!" ! German Femdom Ballbusting

Killerkicks Ballbusting Mistress Janina - " Feel me ! " vol.3
Now it's time to let him feel the weight of his mistress! It uses the poor guy as a living doormat and stands with her ​​full weight on his body! What a charming young dominatrix - who would not be oppressed by her? This poor man almost loses his mind - Janina makes him horny - but she is completely out of reach for him .... German Femdom Ballbusting

Killerkicks Ballbusting Mistress Janina - " Feel me ! " vol.4
And here is the final part of "Feel Me". Janina gives him a few easy steps in his balls - and plays with his lust! She sits down again on his chest and he has to lick the the bottoms of her feet! How submissive is this man? He would do EVERYTHING for his mistress ... German Femdom Ballbusting

German femdom babe in black boots & miniskirt kicks a guy in the nuts - until he can't standup anymore...!! Hardcore Femdom movie from KILLERKICKS !!

Nc fullmovie - " Ballkicking workout "
What a perfect mistress! Her legs, her ass, her eyes and her sadistic way - Mistress Janina is a ballbusting goddess! In this film she tortures a helpless victim with countless kicks in the balls. In between, she flirts with the camera. This interplay between eroticism and brutality is incredible! Janina know how horny men - and where it hurts most ... She has no mercy, kicking the poor guy again and again with full force in the nuts. Ballbusting with high heels - Janina's preference ....or...
Killerkicks German Femdom Homepage.


Ballbusting torture by german in nasty black boots kicks men's balls !! Hardcore ballbusting movie - posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !

Nc fullmovie - " Ballbusting Torture  "
Trapped in "Lady Divinas " dungeon! What an incredibly hard ballbusting & german femdom session! Divine knows what is important in a good session - the intensity! She wears black boots and a terrific fetish outfit! The slave is tied, and stands with her ​​legs spread in front of her ....The mistress starts to kick him in the balls with her boots - what a pain! He trembles with fear - what a treat for his mistress .... She repeatedly kicks him in the balls - until he begins to scream in pain! Divina indulges him a break and he must lie on the floor. Now the show is just the beginning! At the end he can no longer stand up straight - his balls are blue and swollen ....


SHOCKING Ballbusting clip !! ultraviolent Mistress kick the nuts of a guy until he's in total submission !!! KILLERKICKS videos rule !!!

Nc fullmovie - " Bust the hell out ! " 
And another REALLY brutal ballbusting movie .... " Bust the Hell Out " is a well-chosen title! Mistress Alicia is known for its ruthlessness? Alicia does not care if a man weeps or cries for help - it makes no difference. When she first started with a ballbusting session, there is no going back .... The mistress tortures his testicles with endless killerkicks - some of them are incredibly hard! In the end, he's down and starts crying and begs for mercy. "Well, you little fucker ... that was too much for you?"

German babe with perfect body rimms her sexy legs into his balls !! Herd ballbusting session with amazing german mistress posted by KILLERKICKS !

Nc fullmovie - " Painful Games ! "
In this film we show you how incredibly sexy a ballbusting session can be! Goddess Janina is the queen of ballbusting - and because there is no doubt. Goddess Janina is wearing a red mini dress and high heels - what a sight! Her slave begins to massage his cock and staring at her legs - Janina can not believe it! First, she pretends that it's okay - but then he gets his lesson .... She starts to kick him in the balls. In the beginning, just a bit - but then harder and harder! Janina knows so many different techniques of Ballbusting - she shows us all!

Ballbusting, ballstomping & CBT with perfect Mistress in black stockings !! What a female domination dream !! Clip posted by the KILLERKICKS crew !

Nc fullmovie - " Feel my legs ! "
Ballbusting can be incredibly sexy! Here's the proof! Check out these perfect legs - they are created for ballbusting! Anyone who loves feet and stockings movie will love it! The mistress squeezed his balls with her ​​beautiful feet - interrupted by some really hard kicks! It is incredible but his cock is getting harder by this kind of treatment ...


" Ballbusting Fantasy " Mistress in miniskirt and black boots kicks a man in the nuts until he starts to cry !!!!

Ncf ullmovies - " Ballbusting Fantasy " ! fullversion 
Goddess Janina in a mini skirt and black boots! This is the perfect outfit for really hard ballbusting! In this film she shows why we love her so much ... Janina enjoying every single step! In between, we can look under her skirt - there are a lot of close-ups of her amazing ass in this movie!! She kicks him until he's down and begs for mercy - and then just continue ... Janina is really pretty and has a great body - but she's also a real sadist! So be careful when you meet her.......


Sadistic Killerkicks Babe Tracys Ballkicking Clip " I'll break your balls "

Killerkicks - Fullmovies - " I'll break your nuts !! " Fullversion 
Killerkicks German Femdom Babe Tracy seems like a shy, sweet girl - but that is deceptive! German Femdom tracy loves to torment men - especially between the legs ....!! In this film, Tracy is showing us her nasty side. At first she is still sweet and nice - but after a few moments, she begins to kick the camera man in the balls! Only just a little - then more and more! What an incredibly brutal and sadistic babe - she is an absolute dream come true for men who like bad sadistic girls ...! Killerkicks German Femdom

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Ballbusting & Foot Domination Goddess Janina in " Busted fool " German Femdom

Mistress Janina - HQ 161 - " Busted fool " - vol.1 
 This movie is about a man who comes in Mistress Janina's studio and wants to try a "Ballbustingsession"! No problem for a ballbusting goddess like Janina! Janina allows him to take out his cock. Now she has a clear view of his full testicles! Now it's time to kick him in the balls! Her high heels crashing full force into his balls! Again and again she makes him feel the awful pain! Well - he wanted it like this - now he must bring it to the end! What a fool ...!! Here is the first of three parts of "Busted Fool"

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Foot Domination Fetish & Extreme Ball Busting by Mistress Alicia from Killerkicks

Mistress Alicia - Fullmovie - " I'll finish your balls !!  "

What a powerful and cruel killerkicks ballbusting & foot domination mistress! First the mistress gives him some killerkicks ballkicks with her nasty black boots - then she starts a real merciless ballbusting session with her bare feet !! Lots of full-force kicks to his naked balls !!! Watch this german fetish babe giving a very, very cruel lesson to her slave ! Her kicks are so brutal and painful - he wants her to stop kicking but she wants to finish him today.. .It hurts so bad - but she can't get enough... Time for extra hard foot domination!!
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German Femdom Clip. Sadistic Trampling Dominatrix in " Under Divina " by Killerkicks

Dv Mpg 51 - " Under Divina ! " part 1 
Lady Divina is one of the most brutal mistresses & humiliation queen we ever seen !! Lady Divina is dressesd in shiny black boots and starts to give a very bad german femdom lesson to her helpless slave !! Watch her dominating this poor guy with lots of trampling, boot licking and cruel nipple torture ! This is the beginning of a painful day..... Here is the first part of the game !!

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Ballbusting session with living manga miss peel - hard ballkicking scenes in P.O.V. !! German Femdom

A brandnew ballbusting & ballkicking clip with our breathtaking cruel mistress Peel ! In the first part of the game she humilates her slave in P.O.V. style - he has to spread his legs and the mistress starts some bad groinkicks with her perfect high-heeled legs ! She's a real hot devil - watch her in brutal german femdom action - "balls in danger" - here's part No.1!

Here is the second part of a breathtaking ballbusting & ballkicking session with mistress Peel ! She walks like a supermodel and she kicks balls like a devil !! Watch this icy german goddess kicking his balls with full power and gives him killerkicks. !! 

Part No.3 of an amazing ballbusting & ballkicking session with mistress peel! She walks like a supermodel in her high-heels - but she kicks his balls like a soccerplayer...some of her kicks a to strong for him - so he has to give up !! But she wants to have an extratime... 


"KILLERKICKS" - Shocking brutal ballbusting clip posted !! Watch a young asian mistress kickin' the shit out of some nuts !! This guy gets castrated by her merciless feet !!

Ncfullmovie KILLERKICKS - fullversion 
Was für ein unglaublich brutaler videoclip !! Absolut schockierend harte Tritte - mit einer asiatischen Spezialistin in der Hauptrolle.... Diese durchtrainierte junge Frau kennt keine Gnade !! Hunderte von Tritten in seine Eier - das ist was Euch dieser Film zeigen wird.... Am Ende sind seine Hoden angeschwollen !! Was für eine böse Lektion 
What an incredibly brutal video clip! Absolutely shocking hard kicks - with an Asian specialist in the title role .... These well-trained young woman has no mercy! Hundreds of kicks to his balls - that's what this film will show you .... At the end of his testicles are swollen! What a bad lesson ..
何が信じられないほど残忍なビデオクリップ!絶対に衝�'�的なハード蹴り - タイトルロールでアジアの専門家と....これらのよく訓練された若い女性は慈悲�'持っていません!彼のボールにキック数百 - この映画はあなたが表示されます何が....彼の睾丸の終わりには腫れています!何が悪いのレッスン...
什么是令人难以置信的残酷影片!绝对震�'�很难踢 - 用在标题的作用亚洲专家....这些训练有素的年轻女子没有怜悯!他踢的球数百 - 这就是这部影片会告诉你....在他的睾丸到底是肿!什么不好的教训...

Che videoclip incredibilmente brutale! Calci difficile assolutamente sconvolgente - con uno specialista asiatico nel ruolo del protagonista .... Questi ben addestrati giovane donna non ha pietà! Centinaia di calci per le palle - questo è ciò che questo film vi mostrerà .... Al termine dei suoi testicoli sono gonfi! Che lezione cattivo ... 
Lo que es un video increíblemente brutal clip! Patea duro absolutamente escandaloso - con un especialista en Asia en el papel principal .... Estas mujeres jóvenes bien formados no tiene piedad! Cientos de patadas en los cojones - eso es lo que esta película te mostrará .... Al final de sus testículos se hinchan! ¡Qué lección mal ... 
Что невероятно жестокие видео клип! Абсолютно шокирующие жестких ударов - с азиатскими специалист в главной роли .... Эти хорошо подготовленные молодые женщины нет пощады! Сотни ударов ногами, чтобы его яйца - это то, что этот фильм покажет вам .... �' конце его яички опухли! Что плохой урок ... 
Qu'est-ce un clip vidéo incroyablement brutal! Absolument choquant coups durs - avec un spécialiste de l'Asie dans le rôle titre .... Ces femmes bien formés de jeunes n'a aucune pitié! Des centaines de coups de pied à ses boules - c'est ce que ce film va vous montrer .... A la fin de ses testicules sont gonflés! Quelle leçon mauvais ...