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"I am your mistress !!" Killerkicks Ballkicking Femdom & Trampling Clip with Ballbusting Devil

You like to be femdom, trampling & ballkicking by a oriental cruel ballkicking dominatrix ?? Then you'll LOVE this clip,when you are hard enought !! Watch this amazing cruel domatrix giving hot lessons in teasing & german femdom...First the dominatrix is trampling & kicks his groin - later she orders him to smell her asshole...!!! But not enough - finaly she busts cruel his naked & swollen balls !!! ---AVI-version---  

"I'm your mistress"
Mistress Shalima
12 minutes runningtime
150 MB - AVI-file
German Femdom - trampling - ballkicking - ass sniffing - cruel  mistress


"Can You Feel It?" - Cbt Ballbusting by sexy Ballbusting Babe.

"Can you feel it?"
Mistress Janina
10 minutes running time
2 parts - 68 & 72 MB AVI-format
Femdom - P.O.V. - Ball Busting - Tramping - CBT

This is an absolute incredible CBT / P.O.V.-Vid with German Mistress Janina and her never ending high-heeled legs...she is sitting in front of her slave and starts a painful ballmassage with her high-heels...what a cute ballbuster and what a optic in p.o.v.!! It's the pure fun for her to see the panic in his eyes while she steps on his helpless nuts...and when she stardet killerkicks!! After this painful warm-up Mistress Janina put off her high-heels and finishes her painful ballmassage with her pretty bare feet - watch this german hottie in this great P.O.V. / Ball Busting clip ! She tramples, stomps & punches his nuts until he had enough....this is painful femdom P.O.V. ball busting stuff  for feet & leg lovers from your fetish provider killerkicks ball busting babes!!!


Free KILLERKICKS trailer on depositfiles !! Great ballbusting stuff !!

Hey peopel today 2we have a " free "Ballbusting Clip to Download for you on Depositfiles !! It's complete for free and a beginner spezial for all fetish and ballbusting peopel whos love killerkicks ballbusting babes-  for your free clip take a click on the link: We wish a good time,see you!!


Hope you'ss get a taste of our ballbusting & femdom clips...!!!


The Clips4sale store numbers of the hottest ballbusting babes out there ...

Hi friends & visitors,
some of you asks us for the store numbers of our ballbusting girls on the clips4sale server. We know it's a hard work to search for the stuff by using the engines on C4S ...so we post the stores & numbers of the "most wanted" ballbusting babes today:

Killerkicks Clips Contains: Ballbusting - Foot Domination - Cbt - Bdsm - Humiliation - P.O.V.


"Hot dressed Ballbuster" Busting balls in black stocking and Hih heels. !!

And now we proudly present: The "hot dressed ballbuster" !!! Watch the German Mistress Janina dressed in stockings and glas high-heels in cruel humiliation aktion - she gives lots of brutal killerkicks to his balls - her kicking style is simply amazing and extreme saxy ...This clip will show you the meaning of sweet pain...watch this cutie busting balls in many different ways - finaly she's kicking his nuts with her bare feet !!

" Hot Dressed Ballbuster" Avi-version
Mistress Janina & poor vicim..
2 x 7 minutes runningtime
85 & 83 MB AVI-files
Ballbusting - legs - high-heels - german femdom - Killerkicks Mistress


"Cute Ballbreaker" - Painful Ball Squeezing and Punching by Goddess Janina

Goddess Janina is a real cute ballbreaker and she shows her skills to us in this fucking hot & cruel german femdom session ! In this first part of the "cute ballbreaker" she sits on his body and squeezes & punches his helpless balls - a painful start into a adventure he'll never forget her mistress.... 
The mistress starts to give him a couple of painful kicks between the legs,real killerkicks - that's kind of fun for her - Goddess Janina loves to break balls... watch Janina's perfect german legs destroying a man !! Cruel & nasty ballbusting action with one of the hottest ballkickers ever !! Finaly she finishes him with a couple of strong kicks - a very painful event...watch her destroying this helpless guy with lots of very bad groinkicks ! How can a cutie like herbe so fucking brutal ?? So what - we love it !!!

"Cute ballbreaker"
Goddess Janina & poor victim...
12 minutes runningtime
3 download parts !
Femdom - Cbt Ballbusting - Squeezing - Ball Punching - Killerkicks

Killerkicks Ballkicking and Ballbusting clips - Cruel German German Femdom

Hi friends and visitors !!
we already have posted more than 1000 german killerkicks mistress ballkicking and ballbusting & CBT clips on clips4sale.com !! Lots of hot european mistresses & Fetishmodels in cruel ballbkicking action !! That's what we like...

Visit our mainstore by clicking the wallpaper - and have fun...
Killerkicks Ballbusting - German Femdom - Cruel Ballkicking - Femdom - Trampling


" High Heels Busting " - Ballkicking Mistress in P.O.V. by Killerkicks

Watch mistress Janina in  "High heel busting" in p.o.v. style - that's one of the hottest p.o.v. ballkicking & ballt rampling clips what killerkicks produced !! Mistress Janina looks great in p.o.v.- she wears a supersexy black outfit tonight and she knows how to torture balls with her killerkicks...what a ballkicking goddess !! She tramples and kicks his nuts harder and harder...how long can he take this extreme balltorture ?? 
What a fucking hot ball torture session with Mistress Janina in p.o.v. - Ballkicking & kicking - that's what realy hurts !! Watch her destroying his nuts in P.O.V. with killerkicks!! Mistress Janina kicks the hell out of his balls and she looks great in every second - what a ballkicking goddess... and what a bad torture for his swollen balls.... 

"High-heel busting"
Janina & some helpless nuts...
12 minutes runningtime
2 parts - 68 & 69 MB
CBT - Ballkicking -P.O.V. - German Mistress - Killerkicks Femdom!


" Ballbusting Fantasy ! German Femdom with Mistress Janina by Killerkicks!

One of the hottest ballbusting sessions ever with your German Mistress!! Mistress Janina in "Ballbusting fantasy". She's dressed in an ultrahot outfit and black boots - what a perfect dress for a ballkicking session ! He has to present his bound balls for her and she starts to kick the hell out of them... Watch her kicking his bound balls in P.O.V. !! Isn't she sweet - hope you'll get a taste of her....(and her ballbusting skills...) 

" Ballbusting Fantasy"
Mistress Janina & slave
16 minutes runningtime
2 parts - 60 & 65 MB
German Mistress - Killerkicks Ballbusting, Merciless Mistress, Fetish Clips


Kickboxing mistress - german babe knows how to beat up men...by killerkicks

She's a killer Mistress from Killerkicks!!! This is a clip for the female fighting fans out there !! Mistress Divina in a kickboxing training session - first you can watch her doing her warm-up - then she starts her kicking training - her kicks are so powerful,real killerkicks - don't mess with this cruel mistress....!! Anybody wants to have a ballkicking session with her...? Mistress Divina wants to have fun with her slave - he has to be her sparringspartner...she kicks and beats him and he has to stand her painful beating ....After he finished this poor guy she starts to bust the cameraman's balls....isn't she lovely...? More than 16 minutes of pure fighting scenes with an outstanding german mistress !! 

"Kickboxing mistress"
Lady Divina & Slave
16 minutes runningtime
163 MB download
Germa Femdom - Female Fighting - Footdomination - Killerkicks Mistress


Killerkicks Lady Divina gives a bad German Femdom Lesson....

Hi guys - this is a photo from the new productions with Lady Divina the Queen of German Femdom!! She one of the absolute top domina's in europe and we are proud to present her videos at  our KILLERKICKS-project !! She's an expert in CBT & trampling - she already produced more than 100 clips with this brutal but amazing fetish called "Ballbusting" - and some of those clips are REAL hard stuff...check it out on our homepage and click the picture for a visit at the Killerkicks German Femdom video base !!
Killerkicks Ballbusting Clips: Ballbusting, Hard Cbt, Femdom, Female Fighting and many more...

"Janina's Balldestruction !!" - The goddess in short skirt and high heels kicks balls hard.

Here comes  a brutal ballbusting session with Mistress Janina from Killerkicks! She's wearing high-heels and starts to knee his groin - later in this clip she starts to kick his nuts with her high-heels and real killerkicks - watch this absolute breathtaking ballbusting babe @ work.... and watch her never ending legs in brutal Ballbusting -action,what a Mistress !! That hurts.... that's real strong and painful ballbusting stuff - she's a killerkicks ballkicking ' hot goddess - her kicks are merciless but she looks hot & cute in every second! Watch her kicking the hell out of this helpless guy ! German Mistress Janina shows her incredible tits to the cam and kicks his balls in some different painful ways - he has to stand up again - she wants to have a better view to hit the target...What a hot & cute devil! Watch her bringing the pain to some poor balls in this brutal ballbusting clip !! German Mistress Janina dressed in hotpants and high-heels - what a perfect outfit for a great finish! She gives a last couple of killerkicks ballkicking to his swollen balls....watch this cruel german mistress finishing a guy !!! Killerkicks Ballkicking Babes

"Janina's Balldestruction"
Ballkicking Mistress Janina & Slave
20 minutes running time
4 download parts
Ballkicking - CBT - German Femdom - Trampling - Killerkicks Mistress