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Goddess mistress janina is killerkicks: " Hot dressed ballbuster " !!

Nc mov 926 - " Hot dressed ballbuster " - firsthalf 
And now we proudly present: "The hot dressed ballbuster" !!! Watch ballbusting goddess janina dressed in stockings and high-heels - she looks so fucking hot !! But it's no fun to stay with her for a ballbusting session... She gives lots of brutal kicks to his balls - her kicking style is simply amazing ! ...here is the first half of an outstanding femdom session with Mistress Janina !! 

Categorie: Sexy Ballbusting - Bdsm Fetish - Foot Domination 


"First time ballbusting" - With mistress janina the ball busting goddess

Nc mov 920 - "  First time Ballbusting " - firsthalf
This is the story about the first ballbusting session with Mistress Janina - she looks great and she starts to kick balls slowly...the kicks are not so hard and painful - it's only a "testdrive"...so it's not brutal but it's very, very hot because after her kicks you can see the fun in her eyes...great first time ballkicking stuff !! Here is the first of two parts... 

Nc mov 921 - " First time Ballbusting " - secondhalf
And here is the second part of Mistress Janina's first steps in ballkicking - it's not the hardest ballkicking stuff we ever filmed - but it's real hot !! (and some of these kicks are not so soft....) She has a perfect body and she's sooo cute - she's made for ballkicking.....!! 

Categorie: Bdsm - Fetish - Femdom - Ballkicking - Foot Domination


Foot Domination Queen & Ballbusting Legend Janin present : " Absolute Ballkicking "

 Mistress Janina - " Absolute Ballkicking "
Here is the complete version of a breathtaking ballkicking session with mistress Janina and her poor ballbusting slave - all the 5 parts of "absolute ballkicking" in one clip - she wears a superhot miniskirt and high-heels and she shows us the meaning of "full-force" ballkicking today...what a cruel & hot fetishbabe!!! For more "Janina-stuff" please visit her store under www.clips4sale.com/29654 
Categorie: Bdsm - Foot Domination - Ballbusting Goddess - Cbt Fetish - Femdom


Ballbusting Goddess Janina the Killerqueen in Sexy Foot Domination Aktion !!

Nc 0343 - " Killerqueen " - vol.3
Part No.3 of the "killerqueen" and it's a fantastic one - how can a woman look so sexy when she's kicking balls ?? Mistress Janina is made for killerkicks ballbusting....

Categorie: Ballbusting - Bdsm - Femdom - Fetish - Foot Domination


Ballbusting Legend Lady Divina in a real & hard Ball Destruction Session! Sadistic Bdsm

What a shocking ballbusting session with Lady Divina and her poor victim !! She's dressed in 
latex clothes and high-heeled boots - that's the perfect outfit for a ball destruction clip ! Watch this cruel german ballbusting legend in a brand new production - "Boots vs Balls"!!
She's sooo cruel !!! Watch his balls getting smashed by Lady Divina's sexy bots !! She kicks his mind out in this second part of the game called "Boots vs Balls" !! Absolute shocking and painful femdom stuff with a REAL bad girl from germany

What a bad day for Lady Divina's ballbusting slave !!! Here is the third and last part of 
"Boots vs balls" - and you can watch this cruel & hot german devil destroying her slave with lots of real bad killerkicks !! Finaly she kicks his bound nuts from behind until he can't take anymore.... --- HARDCORE BALLBUSTING !! --- Don't try this at home !! 

"Boots vs Balls"
Lady Divina & slave
17 breahttaking minutes...
3 download parts
Ballbusting Legend - Cbt Bdsm - Sadistic Femdom - High Heel Boots


Foot Domination and ballbusting clip, with hot babe in high heels. Bdsm

Watch Mistress Janina in a fantastic femdom, CBT & ballbusting video !! It's called "Girlpower".
 Hardcore femdom with lots of full-force kicks to the nuts of a poor guy !! 27 minutes of real brutal action with one of the hottest ballbusters on the web !! Visit Janina's femdom & ballbusting page by clicking the preview !!
Categorie: Bdsm - Ballbusting - Femdom - Foot Domination - Killerkicks Ballkicking


KILLERKICKS Ballbusting & Foot Domination videos !! Bdsm Fetish !!

Visit the KILLERKICKS Female domination clip store !! More than 1500 fetishvideos with shocking hard REAL sessions from germany - filmed without any tricks !! Watch some hot & cruel mistresses
torturing their slaves & victims very, very bad !! Ballbusting, CBT, trampling, footdomiation, female fighting and mixed wrestling are the categories we posted. Click the picture to visit KILLERKICKS ! !!!
Categories: Bdsm Fetish - Foot Domination - Femdom - Female Fighting - High Heels


Extreme brutal ballbusting babeclip !! Killerkicks babe ballbusting devil in aktion....

Nc0795 - " Merciless Ballkicking " - second half
Now she finishes her r victim with couples of hardest kicks to the balls !!! Watch the second half of this brutal ball destruction session - EXTREME ball busting stuff... 
Categories: Barfoot - Foot Domination - Foot Fetish - Ballbusting - Ballkicking - Bdsm