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Who is the hottest femdom mistress from the KILLERKICKS ball busting babes ??

We have just posted a new free fetish clip of our hottest killerkicks babes, mistresses & goddess on depositfiles for you !

Check out these babes, mistresses & goddesses - witch one is YOUR ball busting dream ??
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Categories: Top 5 - Mistress - Babe - Goddess - Killerkicks


Mistress Janina is our " Cruel Supermodell " and a queen in Foot Domination

Nc mpg845 - " Cruel Supermodel " - firsthalf
The first half of the "cruel supermodel" an ultracruel P.O.V. ballkicking & foot domination session with Mistress Janina - she hurts him so bad in this clip ! Mistress Janina starts to torture his balls with her knees - some
extreme painful moments for her victim - but that's only the warm-up...Watch her perfect high-heeled legs kicking his nuts until he starts to cry ! 9 minutes of hot & hard ballbusting with Mistress Janina !

Categories: Foot Domination - Femdom Ballbusting - Fetish - Bdsm - Cbt - P.O.V.


Real ballbusting mistresses & goddess in extreme, hardcore and sexy clips.

+ 1000 Ballbusting clips with lots of cruel german amateuren, mistresses and real dominatrix who love to kick nuts !!

Real mistresses in femdom, CBT, foot domination and trampling action !!

Legs & high-heels in breathtaking CBT & ballbusting close-up's !!

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Killerkicks Female Fighting free Clip on Depositfiles!! Free Fetish Video with hot babes.

Today have the killerkicks crew a new free female fighting clip posted for you, hot babes in Female Fighting aktion!!! Watch hot Tracy & kickboxing Kathy in this free female fighting preview clip and her Killerkicks Fighting style !! Watch these german female fighting babes in amazing kickboxing  & wrestling babes in fetish action - after watching this you won't mess up with them....

Categorie:  Female Fighting - Killerkicks Babes - Fetish - Fighting Femdom


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Ballbusting Devil our Goddess in " Swollen Balls " Extreme Ballbusting & Foot Domination

Nc 0808 - " Swollen Balls " ! fullversion 
Swollen Balls !! The title says all...Watch this hot ballkicker femdom mistress  in cruel foot domination and ballbusting action ! She gives a never ending lesson in ball destruction & foot domination to a very poor guy...in the first minutes of this shocking ballbusting clip she uses boots to give him a first taste of her foot domination skills !! After the "warm-up" she kicks the hell out of his nuts !! He has to take couples of EXTREME hard kicks in his nuts,real killerkicks - after this 18 minutes of pure balltorture we think he had enough... BRUTAL ballbusting & foot domination stuff

" Swollen Balls " ! fullversion
Size: 127 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Ballbusting - Cbt Bdsm - Foot Domination - Extreme Femdom


Extreme ballbusting !! One of the most brutal female domination clips ever !!

Nc mpg 736 - " EXTREME Ballkicking " - first half
"Extreme Ballbusting" - here the first half is this shocking female domination videos! In this clip a leggy Domina shows her skill... She wears very nice shoes and a mask.!! How much pain can a man endure? She will test it... Breathtaking Ballbusting scenes! ---XXXXX--- "Extreme Ballbusting" - hier ist erste Hälfte dieses schockierenden female domination Videos ! In diesem Clip zeigt eine langbeinige Domina ihr Können...Sie trägt sehr schöne Schuhe und eine Maske.. !! Wieviel Schmerz kann ein Mann ertragen? Sie wird es testen... Atemberaubende Ballbusting Szenen ! ---XXXXX--- "Extreme Ballbusting" - здесь первая половина - он шокирующий female domination видео! �' этом клипсе длинноногая настоятельница показывает ее мастерство... Она несет очень прекрасные ботинки и маску.!! Сколько боли мужчина может выносить? Она испытает это... Захватывающие дух Ballbusting сцены! ---XXXXX--- "Extreme Ballbusting" - ici la première moitié est cela choquant female domination des vidéos! Dans ce clip, Domina aux longues jambes montre leur fait de pouvoir... Elle porte les beaucoup belles chaussures et un masque.!! Combien de douleur est-ce qu'un homme peut supporter ? Elle le testera... Ballbusting vertigineux des scènes! ---XXXXX--- "Extreme Ballbusting" - ¡aquí la primera mitad es éste chocante female domination vídeos! En este clip Domina de piernas largas muestra su poder... ¡Ella lleva zapatos muy hermosos y una máscara.!! ¿Cuánto dolor un hombre puede soportar? Ella lo probará... ¡Ballbusting vertiginosos escenas! 


Free Ballbusting preview by Killerkicks! Watch some extreme hot babes kicking men's nuts !!

Watch this FANTASTIC new free ballbusting preview with some of the hottest ball busting babes we ever filmed in action ! More femdom, foot domination and foot domination on our Killerkicks ballkicking babes homepage.


Female Fighting Goddess Kathy !! Watch this cute kickboxer babe in killerkicks action !!

We love to watch hot fetish girls in cruel female fighting action. Kathy is on of those babes. We cannot believe that a cutie like her can be a real merciless female fighter. But then we saw her on tape....INCREDIBLE stuff by killerkicks!!!!!
Watch this german beauty in action - she's a kickboxing pro and she knows how to kick some asses...!! Look at this hot fetish female fighterin and have a god time....

Categories: Female Fighting - Fetish Babe - Foot Fetish - Femdom P.O.V.

Sexy Ballbusting Goddess Janina in Extreme Cbt Aktion !! Hardcore femdom & cbt video posted !

Nc 0678 - " Bound & Busted " - first half...
Here's a story about some bound balls and a cruel mistress who tortures them balls...
"Bound & Busted" - the first half - that's 13 minutes of real brutal balltorture  ! Watch her busting him in this ultrahot outfit - she tramples, squeezes & kicks his poor nuts until he starts to cry...she's a DEVIL !! Nc 0678 - " Bound & Busted " - first half... 

Nc 0679 - " Bound & Busted " - second half !
And here's the second half of the " Bound & Busted " session with Mistress Janina the Killerkicks Legend! More then 15 minutes of extreme painful balltorture & ballbusting ! Watch her punching, trampling and kicking his bound nuts until he's begging for mercy...! AMAZING femdom P.O.V. with an ultrahot german femdom goddess !! 

Categorie: Ballbusting - Cbt Fetish - Bdsm Femdom - P.O.V. Ballkicking - Foot Domination


The hottest ballbusting babe ever - German femomd extreme sexy and killerkicks !!

She's the REAL goddess of ballbusting : Mistress  Janina !!!!!

We produced more than 100 femdom fetish videos with this amazing german fetishmodel and we can say that she's the one...!! You like ballbusting ? She love it to bring you pain!!Then you will LOVE ballbusting goddess Mistress Janina....

Check out all her clips on her clippage on www.clips4sale.com/29654 !!
Categories: Sexy Ballbusting - Bdsm Cbt - Fetish - Femdom - Foot Domination

"Balls in Danger" - cruel german mistress givis lesson in ball kicking !! Hot ballbusting clip from KILLERKICKS !!

Nc0667 - balls in danger - first half...
The first half of the "balls in danger" session with Mistress Peel ! She's an amazing german domatrix and she LOVES to tortute men's balls...watch her bringing the pain to him in this fisrt half of the game 

Nc0668 - balls in danger - second half...
And here is the second part of the game...Watch her finishing her victim with cruel trampling & ballbusting - she's a REAL bad girl...!


Female Fighting & Mixed Fighting Clip: " No Chane " with Hot Tracy

Fight Chicks 005 " No Chance " - part 1
Here is the first half of an amazing fetish wrestling session with our female fighterin Tracy and a poor guy who realy has to fight for air !! She scissors him with lots of cruel technics - her wrestling style is brutal !! He has no chance ... 

Fight Chicks 006 " No Chance " - part 2
And here is the second half of the game...Watch female fighterin Tracy finish her victim with "breathtaking" headscissors - he has no chance - he's fixed between her never ending & powerful legs !! Watch this cruel goddess in female fighting action !!  

Categorie: Female Fighting - Foot Fetish - Femdom - Facesitting - Killerkicks Goddess


Extreme Ballbusterin Alicia in : " I'will finish your Balls " ! Bdsm Cbt by Killerkicks

Alic mpg10 " I'll finish your balls " - vol1
What a powerful and cruel ballbusting mistress! First she gives him some ballkicks with her boots - then she starts a real merciless ballbusting session...full-force kicks to his naked balls - watch this german fetishbabe giving a very, very painful lesson in ballbusting

Alic Mpg 11 " I'll finish your balls " - vol2
What a merciless Mistress! Her kicks are so brutal and painful - he wants her to stop kicking but she wants to finish him today...what a bad bdsm lesson for him! -- absolute extreme ballbusting in this part !! 

Alic Mpg 12 " I'll finish your balls " - vol3
The last part of an extra painful ballkicking session with Lady Alicia - her slave can't stand up anymore - it hurts to much!! Time to finish him....with real and hard killerkicks !! 

Categorie: Hard Ballbusting - Cbt Fetish - Bdsm Femdom - Foot Domination


German ballbusting mistress kicks some balls in "Lady Gaga" style !! Watch this amazing femdom clip with lots of ballbusting scenes !

Watch this cracy german femdom mistress in a  romantic drama...Mistress Peel kicks the hell out of his swollen nuts - she kicks his balls like a devil - but she looks like an angel...watch her giving a painful finish in P.O.V. !!  
Categorie: Bdsm - Femdom - Ballbusting - P.O.V. - Fetish

Ballbusting legend janina and her bad feets in sexy ballbusting torture !!

Nc mpg 625 - " She loves balltorture "  - firsthalf
She loves balltorture !! Watch ballbusting goddess Janina giving a hot & painful lesson in fighting balls...first she uses black boots for some painful seconds... later she stomps, kicks and tramples those helpless balls with her perfect feet !! What a cruel game - what a goddess...!
Categories: Sexy Ballbusting - Foot Fetish - Foot Domination - Bdsm Fetish


Sadistic mistress divina and her balldestruction balls! Extreme hard and merciless!

Nc 0621 - " Balldestruction " ! first half...
This is absolute shocking femdom stuff !! Watch mistress Divina, (a german expert in CBT), in an outstanding ballbusting video. This is ultrahard stuff - one of the most brutal ballkicking vids ever !! Here is the first half... (after watching the first half you can not believe there is a second one...) 

Nc 0622 - " Balldestruction " ! second half !
This is the second half of this shocking ballbusting session with Mistress Divina and her poor slave. First she busts his bound & swollen balls with her high-heeled boots - then she finishes him with her bare feet - absolute merciless & painful ballbusting stuff - watch one of the hottest german mistresses in action ! 
For a visit on Divina's page you have to click here !! 

Categories: Extreme Femdom - Hardcore Fetish - Merciless Ballbusting

Mistress Janina is " Dr Ballbust " Killerkicks German Femdom & Ballbusting

Mistress Janina 165 - " Dr. ballbust " - vol.1
What happens when you visit the ball busting doctor and Mistress Janina comes in? The mistress starts a painful cbt medical check and gives the slut a trampling lesson...part No.1 

Mistress Janina 166 - " Dr. ballbust " - vol.2
The second and last part of "Dr. Ballbust" - extreme hot & painful ball busting & trampling with the killerkicks ball busting goddess "Dr."Janina...  
More killerkicks ballbusting babes & mistresses find you her:  Killerkicks Ballbusting Homepage

Categori: Ballbusting - Trampling - Femdom - Bdsm Cbt - Fetish - Barfoot - Foot Fetish